The BragForce is Your Social Marketing Network

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Hopefully before reading this page you’ve read about what a Braggit is. The BragForce is our very own social network that helps get your Braggits out to the widest possible audience in order for your business to reach new customers.

Using our platform, you can connect with other small businesses by adding them to your BragForce. The ideal BragForce member is another small business in your area who has social connections that are potential customers of yours. This could mean that your BragForce members are in your industry, have a complimentary business, or are in your area.

Once you create a new Braggit, you can then forward it to one, a few, or all of your BragForce members. They will then forward your Braggit to their social networks, and vice versa. This win-win relationship allows our users to increase their social reach and reach new customers. It also helps users find relevant content that their customers would be interested in. Customers appreciate seeing posts on your social accounts that are not simply trying to sell a product or service, and will continue to come back to your profile in the future.

By utilizing BizBrag and the BragForce, you have the potential to increase your social reach by up to 125%. The best part? As BizBrag grows, so do your opportunities!

Visit BizBrag to find out more about how the BragForce can help your small business or Franchise/Enterprise organization.


About BizBrag
BizBrag – An all-in-one Online Marketing Platform, LAUNCHES your small business across the web providing visibility and introductions to new customers in a unique fashion. BizBrag provides a centralized, easy-to-use location with everything your small business needs for online marketing and more. Forget huge fees, set-up costs and technology quagmires, BizBrag is a simple to use solution that even non-tech business owners can enjoy.

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