How does BizBrag Improve SEO for My Business?

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After creating your first few Braggits, you can instantly see how easy it is to send them out to all your social media accounts right from our dashboard. But you still may be asking, how will my Braggits help my business perform well in search? This is a question we get asked fairly often, and the answer is, in several ways.

First, Braggits are built specifically to be search engine friendly. They load quickly, contain no advertising, are localized, and focus on your content. Braggits are perfect vessels for ‘long tail searches’. A long tail search is a search that is not very competitive, and therefore easier to rank for. For example, suppose your business is all about selling Widgets. A Google search for “widgets” is very competitive, and will be extremely difficult to get your business to rank on the first results page. However, a more localized search, such as “Widgets for sale in Sparks, MD” is not as competitive. However, chances are that your customers are searching for exactly that term! Therefore, when you create a Braggit about widgets for sale in Sparks, it’s chances of ranking are much better than a Braggit simply about widgets.

Another way that BizBrag helps your business perform well in search is through our “Call to Action” button that is available on all Braggits. By adding a call to action button, with a title using key words that you would like to rank for, and a link to your website, your Braggits can pass on the “Google Juice” to your website. Because links are the driving factor in search, this will help your website’s visibility on a results page.


About BizBrag
BizBrag – An all-in-one Online Marketing Platform, LAUNCHES your small business across the web providing visibility and introductions to new customers in a unique fashion. BizBrag provides a centralized, easy-to-use location with everything your small business needs for online marketing and more. Forget huge fees, set-up costs and technology quagmires, BizBrag is a simple to use solution that even non-tech business owners can enjoy.

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