The Speed of Social Media

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Information travels so quickly across the social web. Every second there are:

  • 580 Facebook status updates
  • 2,200 Tweets
  • and 24 minutes of video uploaded to YouTube

The reach of social media networks is spreading faster than any infectious disease to plague mankind. This said, using social outlets to your advantage can seem like trying to lasso the wind. We can help. BizBrag users increase their connections by 125 times on average!


About BizBrag
BizBrag – An all-in-one Online Marketing Platform, LAUNCHES your small business across the web providing visibility and introductions to new customers in a unique fashion. BizBrag provides a centralized, easy-to-use location with everything your small business needs for online marketing and more. Forget huge fees, set-up costs and technology quagmires, BizBrag is a simple to use solution that even non-tech business owners can enjoy.

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