How To Optimize Your Braggits for Search


As a BizBrag user, you know that our Braggits are crafted with care, and built specifically to rank well on a search engine results page (SERP). But did you know that there are specific things that you can do to your Braggits to help them rank? Check out these tips for optimizing your Braggits for search and boosting your website’s SEO.

1) Use Keywords in Your Title

A catchy title is important for your Braggits when you send them out to your social networks, but it is important that your headlines use targeted language and keywords so that they can rank. This is because the language that you use for your headline will become a part of the link to your Braggit. When search engine crawlers index a page, they look at the link to know what the page is about. By having keywords in your headline, this will tell the crawlers what the content of the page is, and will help your Braggit rank for the specific words that you want it to rank for.

2) Localize Your Keywords

It helps to localize your keywords because they will target your specific customer base and your page will attempt to rank for a less competitive search, increasing your chances of ranking highly. For example, “real estate” is a very general search, and there are thousands upon thousands of realtors all over the country competing for that search. However, your customers are searching for real estate in a specific area, and therefore their search terms would be something like, “real estate in Hunt Valley, MD.” This is a much less competitive search, and by using this targeted language your chances of ranking in such a search improve dramatically.

3) Avoid Keyword Stuffing/Using Too Many Keywords

Keyword stuffing refers to using a certain keyword over and over again in an attempt to rank for that keyword. Google uses natural language algorithms to determine when this practice is being utilized, and will penalize pages that have been found to practice keyword stuffing. Simply write content that is simple and flows naturally. Also, if you attempt to cover too many keywords, or too many subjects in one Braggit, it will confuse the search engines as to what the page is actually about. By sticking to one or two specific keywords, crawlers will easily be able to figure out what your page should rank for, and you will not be penalized for having bad content.

4) Include a Link in Your “Call to Action” Button

On the bottom of your Braggit, you have a “call to action” button that you can link to your main website, or to a page about a specific service or product that you offer, depending on the nature of the Braggit’s content. Use relevant keywords for the text of the button, as this will help boost your website’s SEO. This call to action will also help encourage your readers to visit your website and learn more about your products, services, or company, and will help grow your customer base.


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