Pinterest and Search Engine Optimization – 5 Tips to Get the Most from Pinterest

Pinterest Search Engine Optimization is rapidly becoming the new content marketing golden child. Pinterest is not only highly addictive, far more so than Facebook or Twitter, it’s also extremely business friendly. It’s designed to sell your products for you while pumping up your social small business SEO. While the magic “followed” links are now gone, Pinterest is the MASTER of social SEO, with huge share rates. Take your time, get to know it, get networking, enjoy it and then use it to own your market!

1). URL.  Of course, use your URL to tag your pins.  This means that your  backlinks will spread with your content.  Although it doesn’t display, deep linking is carried but no anchor text can be assigned.  Name your board your keyword to increase the pin’s “relevance” score.

2). Use Hashtags and @mentions. Like Twitter, Pinterest uses #tags as a search mechanism for users.  Hashtag all searchable, non-commercial keywords in your descriptions to ensure you get maximum exposure. @Mentions can be used to tag any user as long as you’re following at least one of their pin boards. This will draw their attention to your pin and increase the likelihood of reshares.

3). Protect Your Pins. Pinterest is about sharing content and not everyone is ethical about that. By sharing a pin and then altering the link information, your content can EASILY be stolen. Mark your web address on the picture itself and protect highly valuable content by adding a no pin meta tag to pages where you have exclusive images.

4). Keywording. Over time your pin boards will start to appear in search results for your keywords and pass that valuable social algorithm link juice back to your money pages. Include keywords in individual pins, the pin board name and in file names.

5). Easy click through. The click through rate on Pinterest is OUTSTANDING. When posting items from your eCommerce store, label them with a unique name (keyword rich is good), give them enticing product descriptions and add a price tag to each individual photo by typing $ and the price and clicking pin it.

Pinterest is social media designed to sell.  Pinterest makes search engine optimisation almost as easy as Google Plus and Social Integration simpler than Twitter.  It’s the social store front that puts your products in the way of a rampaging crowd of obsessed buyers. So what are you waiting for? Get pinning!

Dana Flannery is a social media marketing consultant with expertise in SEO copywriting, social networking, and branding.


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One Response to Pinterest and Search Engine Optimization – 5 Tips to Get the Most from Pinterest

  1. Aruna says:

    Pinterest is one of the best sharing place for our pictures, interests,hobbies and more. It’s a pinboard style of sharing. And the tips are very useful to brand our products/pictures

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