Three Simple SEO Tricks to Get You Started

SEO can be a tricky concept to grasp-
with so much advice out there, you can find yourself with more unhelpful tips than useful ones. So, take a quick flick through this article, give yourself some ideas or check you’ve been doing it right!

Is your site up to scratch?

The first rule of SEO is to have a site that cuts the mustard. To get high traffic, you need to be offering great content in a great way. No one is going to take you seriously with an amateur site. If you can, invest in a web designer to get the best look for your site. If not, spend a bit of time looking at popular sites and how their layout works. Do your research so you know what the look you’re aiming for is. Simplicity is usually your best bet, give your readers all the information they need in easy to navigate pages to keep them hooked!

Are you utilizing your keywords? 

Keywords are how the search bots are going to find you, so make sure you’re using them! Put your customer hat on for a second and imagine you’re in the market for whatever your site offers – how are you going to search for it? What words do you enter into the search engine? If you’re doing this exercise properly (and not just picking words you know are already peppering your page!) you should discover what your keywords are likely to be. The next step is to make sure these appear a few times on your page for the bots to find. Tread carefully though, there are some cautions for you! Don’t give into the temptation of ‘keyword-stuffing’ and cram too many of your keywords into your site, the search bots will assume you’re spamming and likely ignore you. Another important thing to remember is that keywords have to be in HTML, anything else, like keywords embedded in pictures, will be overlooked and could leave you missing out!

Get yourself some good links.

Links are one of the many ways search bots measure the popularity of your site – the more you’ve got, the better you are. Get your site spread about on blogs, ask for some reviews and offer some guest posts with links back to your page. Ask your readers to share your site as well, getting yourself shared on social networks will add to the links the bots see. Another word of warning here though, you may have heard of paid links – these are a big no-no! Links often get exchanged between sites and that is fair play, where you get into trouble is where these links are being paid for but not declared as advertisements. This can get you stricken from the results list if caught. To check you are doing it right, have a look at the webmaster support pages of the big search engines (or if you’re short on time just have a look at Google’s).

These are just three simple tips to get you started with SEO, if you fancy flexing your tech muscles, you can get pretty in-depth! To start off though, stick to and master these basics – you’ll be surprised how effective these simple steps can be!

Written by Ellen Brown, Marketing Assistant at Blooie, a new intelligent plug-in platform that is looking to change chat forever!


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