How To Get More Social With Your E-Mail

E-mail marketing can be a rather cold sales medium when you think about it. As you are a business with products to sell, you’ll be no stranger to writing about just how great they are – sticking them in your e-mail marketing newsletter – doing a bit of design work and sending it out to thousands of people.

But did you know you could be missing  a trick if you don’t tie your e-mail marketing newsletters with social media?

In today’s age of Facebook and Twitter, with more and more people getting online and getting social, they are always on the hunt for great content to share with their friends.

With that in mind, it makes great sense to tie up your e-mail marketing efforts with social media. If you can pump out some great, shareable content, your social followers will not only love you for it they will tell their friends too! Your e-mail marketing newsletter could go from a few hundred views to a few hundred thousand! Here a few tips to help you get the most out of your e-mail marketing.

#1 – Get the social icons

The first step in making sure your e-mail marketing campaigns are social-media friendly is to embed the familiar social media icons in the newsletter themselves. Don’t hide them away at the footer – make them as bright, and as bold, as they can be. This says loud and proud you want it to be shared!

#2 – If you don’t ask you don’t get

Once you’ve got those buttons embedded in your newsletter you’d like to think it would nudge people to share, no? Well sometimes people need a bit of encouragement. Don’t be afraid to tell them to share. “Like this e-mail? Tell your friends and share!” works wonders.

#3 – Give a social incentive

Another great idea to incorporate social sharing with e-mail marketing is to have an incentive for your existing social fans. Tailor your newsletter content as such – so you could give a discount to Facebook fans. One-day offers for people who come in-store and say a message you put on Twitter that day. Whatever it is it will help bump up your followers!

#4 – Give an offer people can’t refuse

It goes without saying, but social media is a place where people will share content which others will find of use. If you can give an offer in your e-mail marketing newsletter which really needs to be shouted loud and proud from the rooftops it will be more likely to be retweeted and shared! Special promotions, themed giveaways – the list is endless. Give away something and watch it go viral.

#5 – Don’t forget your blog…

Our final tip involves not neglecting your blog. This is the main point of contact where new and existing customers will come to find out more about you, your products and your services. Try and mention it as much as possible in your e-mail. Highlight some useful posts you’ve made throughout the month… this will encourage people to visit you and check out what you have to offer!

So there you have it, five simple tips for how to get more social with your e-mail campaigns. ith a bit of forethought you really can deliver exceptional, social and shareable content. Before you know it your social media presence will rocket!

Liam Tarry writes for email marketing provider Little Green Plane. For more information about the services we provide, please visit our website.


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