3 Reasons Why Social Marketing is Redeeming the Real Estate Industry

There are stories of real estate recently being “brought back to life.” This is great news, but…how? What are certain realtors doing that is so different than before? Are people starting to trust again?

People are making more money online than ever before. With social marketing, SEO, social media and internet strategies, realtors are making great strides in the real estate industry. However, not everyone is seeing the same levels of success. Realtors must first understand the power of the internet and how it can help their business – only then will they be able to get back on their feet. The internet can’t help anyone who doesn’t know how to help themselves. Therefore, it is important to know how and what to utilize to your advantage while forming your social marketing strategies for real estate.

  •  Multiple Social Outlets. Utilize the power of multi-social media to its greatest potential. Get onto as many channels as possible and don’t let up. Online visibility along with great content is the key to being popular and passing on those houses for sale. Create accounts on Facebook, Google+, BizBrag and other tools and networks, write content other than what you’re selling and be generous with your expertise. People love knowledge, and more importantly they love getting help. Let them know you’re there to help with your knowledge. However, be sure that you are not posting less than par content simply because you have so many channels to work with. The key is to create great, original content for all of your social sites in order to see the most return.
  • People Talk for You.  One of the greatest things about social media is the way it can do almost all of the work for you. The only thing you have to do is create and push. Generate quality content. You already have the knowledge and expertise, now it’s time to be creative. Once you have a great article, video or idea, push it to the right areas and there’s no reason people won’t be talking about your real estate company and your wonderful houses for sale.
  • Guidance for Generations to Come. This is where the real estate industry can truly come out on top. Establish relationships early on, before people even need a house. Guide them to start investing, give tips to financing or stress the importance of planning. The key is to help as much as you can and then help some more. People need to feel comfortable, knowledgeable and just plain good about buying a home, especially after the house bubble bursting. Giving a reason for people to trust to you will create an ongoing relationship that will eventually turn a “like” into a hand shake.

The great thing about the internet is that it is theoretically a road map for doing things correctly and learning, while staying connected throughout the whole process. The internet would be nothing if there weren’t connections. Staying out of the loop will only inhibit you and your real estate company from growing. So, go ahead, be social! You never know what you’ll learn and who’ll meet along the way.

Samuel Ott is a Writer and Outreach Assistance for STL Real Estate, who sells premium houses for sale in the St Louis area. Learn more why they are the gateway to St Louis real estate.


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  2. You are right Social Marketing is Redeeming in the Real Estate Industry and the reason you have shared about that play vital role for this and these are great tips for the real estate agents
    for marketing their business value
    Brian Linnekens

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