How To Create a Company Slogan that Sticks!

“Slogans rarely convince the unconvinced. However, they do rally the troops already on your
side.” -John McCarthy

Long before the infrastructure of a business is in place, most successful entrepreneurs pen their slogans and consider logo designs. That’s because, generally speaking, 80% of running a successful business is convincing potential customers that your business is worth their time. It’s all about presentation; if you can convince others that your business is their best option, you’ve already won half the battle.

But, as John McCarthy pointed out, slogans don’t convince the unconvinced. Really, they’re not meant to. A slogan serves one simple purpose: to explain, in brief, what your company does and why.

That said, how can you create a Company Slogan that sticks? Simple: know your motives. Why are you starting your business? What do you aim to achieve? If you’re starting a web design agency because you’re tired of seeing unattractive, dysfunctional websites on the Internet, put that into your slogan.

“Cleaning up the net, one web design at a time.” 

Not terribly catchy yet, is it? Slogan writing is a bit like writing poetry; your goal is to stir emotion on a subconscious level. Unlike poetry, though, potential customers aren’t going to be scrutinizing your slogan. They’ll take it in and, if it seems relevant, they’ll store it in their memory. Rather than focusing on creating a wordy, poetic slogan, focus on creating one that is straightforward and to the point.

“Bob’s Web Design: Stylish websites that work.”

Try to remember that people in today’s day and age live in a perpetual rush. They don’t have the time or attention span to read a long slogan. So, like writing for the Internet, you have to get right to the point. If you own a company that cuts grass, your best bet is to go with the first slogan that comes to mind. If you own a web design agency, let your slogan reflect that. Regardless of your industry, you can’t go wrong with an extremely simple, straight-forward slogan.

Ultimately, you’ll have to experiment with a few options before settling on your company slogan. If you need help, you could always hire a creative agency to assist you. Try to shift your perspective so that you’re looking at your slogan from a consumer’s point of view. Would that slogan catch your eye? Does it clue you in immediately to what the company does? Does it convey professionalism? If you can answer “yes” to all of those questions, you’ve come up with a winner.

This post was brought to you by Casey Haslem, who writes on behalf of Struck, a creative agency.


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2 Responses to How To Create a Company Slogan that Sticks!

  1. Cheval John says:

    I definitely agree with that. Right now, I am in the process of designing a logo for my company. Though I have no experience in design, I know that I can learn it.

  2. BizBrag says:

    We’re sure you can, too! Thanks for reading and we appreciate your comment. Check back often for more small business, SEO, and social media tips! – Hannah, BizBrag Team

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