A Beginner’s Guide to Link Building

Getting Started in Link Building

For those link builders just starting out in SEO, it can be quite hard to know where to turn to first. There is guest blogging, link baiting and other advanced methods, but those are only really useful once your brand is already developed.

While you’re waiting for your startup to come into its own, so you know how to market it, get the ball rolling with some simple tactics that will get you some initial link power.

Directories: Quick, Easy and Legit!

Directories have existed nearly as long as the web. They serve the purpose of categorizing different businesses, and allowing web users to search for a particular business according to it’s type. Using directories for SEO benefit is old news, but being smart about it will ensure you actually get some link juice from the exercise.

There are two things to look for in directories. The first thing is to find ones based in your country. Marketing your services in the UK? Lookout for directories with the “.co.uk” extension. The second thing? Play to the strength of your niche! If you’re a online retailer, then find as many directories as you can that are related to shopping, online stores and product reviews as you can.

The keyword here is relevance – give Google what it wants and try to spread your message across your contemporaries, but do not go flaunting your product on automotive directories if you run a nail salon.

Web 2.0’s: The Generation Y Method

WordPress, Tumblr, Blogspot and more. There are numerous sites that allow you to create a blog using their domain name. For instance, you could create a blog with the domain name “petshop.tumblr.com” to promote pet shop products. This would be lending the tumblr name and backlink power to your brand somewhat, and you could use the blog to post links pointing back to your main domain, “petshop.com”, for instance.

It’s advisable to know how to use different blogging platforms. For example, Tumblr is all about ‘reblogging’, which is when another Tumblr users like something you’ve posted and then posts it on their wall. This gives your Tumblr more power, because it now has a link leading back to it from this other Tumblr user. For other sites however, such as WordPress, get your blog out there by offering insightful comments on other blogs in your niche, rather than re-blogging other users content, and try your hand at guest posting and include a link back to your blog in your author bio.

It’s also important to think about your blog from a contextual standpoint. Tumblr is really about youth pop culture, so to be a hit you want to craft cool memes that young people can relate to. This doesn’t work for every niche. Other blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress work much better for information-centered niches and encouraging comments and discussion.

Comments: Engage With the Community

As we just mentioned, finding other blogs in your niche and commenting on them is important to building your blog’s reputation and traffic. It’s best to post comments that offer a point of discussion or a new view on the topic at hand – this shows that you are knowledgable about what you’re talking about and entices other commenters to reply to your comment and engage in discussion. Plus, the author will appreciate you taking the time to post an insightful comment and may begin to follow and comment on your blog in return, or agree to a guest post swap to help you both reach a wider audience.

SEO is a complicated and ever-changing field, but if you are committed to learning and implementing tried and trusted tactics, you can see real growth in your website and business. Of course, these are but three methods one can use to start getting a little bit of a head start in the SEO of their site; once you’ve mastered these basics, you can try your hand at more advanced methods and really see growth in traffic, sales, readership – whatever your goal may be.

Do you know of other link building tactics that can help SEO beginners and business owners to optimize their site effectively? Share your insight in the comments!

This has been a guest post from Archie Ward at Andaman SEO, the digital marketing experts serving Asia Pacific.


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2 Responses to A Beginner’s Guide to Link Building

  1. Uhm You may want to point out to your readers that directories aren’t all legit. In fact, the majority aren’t trying to segment the web for better browsing purposes but rather make a quick buck of noob SEOs. Matt Cuts (the google engineer) recently came out with a video explaining how Google views directories. If you’re paying for inclusion (a link) than it best be no-followed. Why? There’s no screening process it could complete BS but as long as you pay: you get a link regardless of how BS your website may be. That doesn’t sound right does it. So directories that are legit must screen EVERY SUBMISSION therefor making it a lengthy process not quick.

    other than that great article!

  2. BizBrag says:

    Thank you for your insight Jesse! You’re right, not all directories are legitimate, and you should always carefully research any directory that you think you might be interested in using in order to weed out the bad. In some cases, however, directories can help get you off the ground with your first link building efforts, until you become more SEO-savvy and can utilize more advanced techniques. -Hannah, BizBrag Team

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