Why B2B Marketing Needs Social Media

The Internet is one of the most influential and innovative inventions of our time. It has changed the lives of countless people, who use it to connect to the world around them, to family and friends, to learn and share, to buy and sell. For most, the Internet has not only become a convenience, but a necessity. Internet services have a way of making everything seem easier; with just a few clicks of a mouse, you can sell or buy just about anything, connect to friends and family, watch movies or TV shows, read books, share videos or photos, read news, monitor the stock exchange, and more. With all of its capabilities, it is no surprise that the Internet has become of utmost importance to everyday people and businesses alike.

For business-minded people, they’ve taken advantage of this great technology to promote their products and services. Although there are plenty of ways to boost your brand’s popularity over the Internet, one of the most important tools in letting the world know about your products and services is social media. Social media marketing makes use of social media like social networking sites, forums, and discussion boards to inform and engage customers, as well as to promote and sell products and services online. It is considered one of the most powerful tools in online marketing.

Social Media and B2B Marketing

In the past, B2B companies refused to consider the use of social media in their business. But today, these companies are spending more and more money online. In a survey conducted by B2B Magazine, it showed that almost half of the respondents have begun to spend more money in online marketing versus traditional marketing techniques. So, how effective is social media in B2B marketing?

Social media enables people to share their ideas, experiences, opinions and recommendations to potential consumers. It comes in various forms which include images, videos, audio and text. Message and discussion boards, blogs, and social sites are some of the most popular social mediums. With the popularity of social media and the number of users growing rapidly every year, chances are your customers – and your competition – is already using social media, and you should be, too.

Is Social Media Really That Popular?

In an word: Yes. According to a study made by KnowledgeStorm, it was known that of all people surveyed, half of them participate in Podcasts, 70 percent are involved in social networks, 80 percent are involved in wikis and blogs and 90 percent are involved in making and sharing videos. The two social media giants, Facebook and Twitter, boast 900 million and 500 million users, respectively. Over time, social media is expected to only get more popular, which accounts for the growing number of businesses, both B2C and B2B, who utilize social media as a part of their marketing campaign. That means that if your not there, your competition is, and they are working on engaging and building relationships with customers – if you don’t join, you’re putting yourself and your business at a huge disadvantage.

How Should B2B Businesses Implement Social Media?

B2B businesses should participate in social networks and online communities where customers and potential users are already involved. These businesses can then use this opportunity to reach out to major influencers in their target market and enhance their content in order to maximize their potential sales. It also is a way for B2B businesses to connect to consumers and find out what it is that they really want. Sitting down at a computer for a few days can really help you visualize what the marketing out there is like. Gone on the days of creating test groups and laborious surveys. Social media is a cost-effective and simple way to connect with your customers and find out what they want and need.

B2B businesses should really consider stepping out of their traditional ways and gradually get to know social media. Through social media, a company will be able to share their knowledge and expertise, solicit ideas from their customers and allow customers to interact with other customers. It’s really difficult to dismiss social media as part of promoting services and products. With a great internet service, you will be able to access all of these social mediums and maximize your earning potential.

What are your thoughts about social media and B2B marketing? Share your insight with our readers in the comments section!

Daphne Jayma enjoys writing on all things technical on behalf of Broadband Expert. Her daily routine consists of drinking coffee, keeping up on the latest news in technology, as well as blogging and guest posting.


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