Getting Up On Your Digital Feet: A Guide to Optimizing Your Brand New Website

As any SEO worth his keyboard can tell you, starting an optimization campaign on a brand new website is almost always a challenge. Due to the very nature of search engine optimization there are a lot of factors stacked against domains that have just been birthed. With no domain age or link profile it can often times take months for websites to get relevant levels of traffic. Typically, these younger businesses do not have the advantage being able to be patient with this process. As anyone who has ever cracked a management textbook can tell you, the first six months of a business are a test of a firm’s longevity.

So, you’re already frantically dealing with all the loose ends that accompany a business starting up, and now you have decided to take on the role of Inbound Marketing Supervisor!?  You’ve certainly given yourself a full plate, but with a little bit of hard work and effort, you can definitely reach your goals. To help, we’ve created a quick beginner’s guide to getting that brand new website off the ground as quickly as possible.

Cartography: Surprisingly Still Relevant.

Yes, more than 200 years since Lewis and Clark mapped out most of middle America, people are still using maps to locate places and navigate city streets. This niche allows you your first chance to get your business on the map (pun intended).  You’re going to want to register your business’ location on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and soon Apple maps. These tools, especially when coupled with the rise of mobile apps, help on-the-go folks navigate their metro areas with an ease never before seen. By arranging for your business to be found on the map services, you’re helping your business in a few ways:

  • First, you’re making your website visible to local searchers by joining the very top of most results pages when looking for a location.
  • Second, it’s free advertising that will bring in respectable amounts of foot traffic.
  • Third, you also just opened your business up to reviews on the plethora of aforementioned websites.

Hopefully, your business will garner good reviews; if you find that the reviews are piling up on the negativity, then you might need to go back to the nuts and bolts of your service or product and iron out those inconsistencies.

Peer-Review: Not Just for Scientists Anymore!

Sites like Angie’s List, Yelp and HotFrog all function around ratings and reviews provided by a community of users. Users then can investigate the ratings a company has accrued over time and feel more confident in their final decision. There are several reasons why these websites need to be the next stop on your SEO voyage:

  • These sites are used by people looking to find businesses right then and there. That visibility and traffic to your website that you gain will make up for the lack of search engine traffic you’re going to be getting in the first few months.
  • They provide the all-important backlink to your website, from sites with high domain authorities.
  • A couple of good reviews and you can find yourself pulling in jobs and customers quickly. Best of all, these sites are free to join, and it takes only minutes.


Now that you’ve got traffic flowing in from sites that help customers find your business, it is time to start registering with websites that allow you to handle customer service issues, communicate your brand, and in general acquaint individuals with your business’ mission statement and attitudes. The best way to accomplish these goals is to set yourself up where the people already are: Facebook, Twitter, and other niche social networking websites. The incredible popularity of social media sites like these it makes it easy for businesses and brands to reach out to their respective market sectors and control their message. This is too valuable of a tool for companies to ignore. Not only is this message control important, it also drives digital users to your website and again provides you some links that search engines like to see.

A final step for businesses to take is to take a look at the online presence of your suppliers. By tracing those chains you can usually find some testimonial web pages that can be a good resource to get inbound links back to your website. Most suppliers love this trade and are happy to provide a link for some kind words about what they offer. This is typically an email away from happening and almost always is received favorably.

As more and more of the world starts turning towards the Internet to search for products and services, it is inherently necessary for business to make themselves accessible through this medium. By following the steps above, business owners can begin to see the internet make an immediate impact on their bottom lines. These four items help in search engine rankings, immediate on page traffic, and branding exercises, without requiring a huge time commitment.

Do you have tips for business owners and beginner SEO’s to optimize a brand new website, or have any comments about the article you just read? Leave us your insight in our comments section!

Thomas Farley is the head of Online Marketing for WNY Dumpster and has been practicing in the field of SEO for six years. He is a Taurus and has recently taken up tennis. You can follow him on Twitter @nerf_mittens.


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