8 Things That Will Kill Your Blog Post

Creating a blog for your business can be one of the best ways to help boost your SEO and engage your customers and social following. Blogs can be created for nearly any niche, whether you are in the fashion, hospitality, or tech industry, and many more as well. Not only can you use your blog as an outlet to comment on the happenings in your industry or business, you can become a resource for your fans and customers who have a vested interest in your services, products, or industry. This shows that you and your team are knowledgeable, which can help instill trust in your business and team as experts in your field.

As much as a blog can be a great thing for your business, it can also have a negative effect if you are not using it properly. Building a blog, writing articles, finding images, and distributing your content across your social networks is time consuming work, and you don’t want to throw it away by making rookie mistakes. So, in order to make sure you get the absolute most out of your blog, we’ve put together a list of eight things that you MUST avoid in order to prolong the life of your blog, build traffic, and grow your customer base.

1. Never Back Linking

As you write posts that are relevant to previous posts that you have published, be sure to link them together. This is a practice known as back linking. It is important to ensure that your newer posts are connected to your older posts for a number of reasons. By linking to a relevant post, you are showing your readers that you have extensive knowledge about the topic at hand, while also enticing them to read other posts. Also, linking helps give you a boost in SEO, as search engines consider these things when indexing your site.

2. Living in a Bubble

Newsflash! You are not the only blogger on the Internet. Crazy right!? To ensure that your blog is read, you will have to put it some time reading other blogs in your niche, providing constructive comments and insight. By pretending that other blogs don’t exist, you put yourself in a fortress of solitude that keeps your readers from exploring all of the views or products that are related to your blogs focus.

In addition, building relationships with other bloggers can help you gather content and boost your readership. By building a relationship with a fellow blogger, you may be able to participate in an article swap, meaning you write a guest post for their blog and they write a guest post for yours. This is a win-win situation, as linking to other bloggers helps create a network that will share readership amongst all of the blogs, and gives you credible links to help your SEO efforts.

3. Not Hitting Your SEO Fields

Most blogging tools offer SEO (search engine optimization) packs. Make sure that you fill these out in as much detail as possible. If you are writing about video games, make sure you include all relevant consoles that the game shows up on, any terms you can think of linked to video games, company names, or famous designers that worked on the project. It’s important to research your keywords properly and figure out what you want to rank for. Without a proper SEO campaign, you are severely  limiting your reader base and making it harder for new readers to find you organically through search engines. Yet by optimizing your site correctly, you make it easier to increase traffic and readership.

4. Keeping Your Eyes On The URL

Generally, blog software will create a URL that is based on the title of the blog post you are writing. This isn’t always a good thing, however. In some cases, your title may not include some of the keywords that people are likely to search for. This can be a problem, because search engine bots determine what the page is about according to the URL. Be sure that you are including at least one or two keywords in your title in order to have a URL with relevant search terms, to increase the chance of potential readers finding you through search.

5. Plagiarizing

Your content should always be 100% unique, never copied and pasted from other parts of the web or stolen from another source. While you can search other blogs for ideas on writing effective articles, do not steal their writing. Make sure you put your own voice behind what you are writing and ensure that what you are doing is different enough that you can’t be accused of theft. Use common sense here – how much of your blog are you willing to let people borrow from, and where do you draw a line? Don’t cross that line when using other people’s ideas.

6. Walls of Text

One of the issues many new bloggers struggle with is formatting their blog. When there is one giant wall of text, regardless of how well written it is, people don’t want to try to read through it. Spend time finding good paragraph breaks and make sure your text flows smoothly and is easy to read.

Also, be sure to include <h3> and <h4> title tags with relevant search terms for your paragraphs. Not only will this make it easier for the reader to absorb information quickly, it helps the search engine bots to determine what your blog is about, and takes search terms in these tags to be more important than terms outside of the tags.

7. Pretending Your Readers Don’t Matter

If you’re only creating a blog for yourself, you’re doing it for all the wrong reasons. As we mentioned previously, your blog should be used to engage your social following. So, get people involved in your blog! Ask for comments at the end of every post. This will encourage readers to discuss the post and lets them feel apart of the action. Always be sure to respond to comments, especially if someone asks a question. This further helps build relationships with your following, and will keep your readers coming back to your blog. Also, ask your readers if there are any topics that they would like to see a post about. By asking for feedback, you are ensuring that your readers are getting exactly what they want and will keep coming back for more.

8. Losing Focus

You started a blog to let it grow and get a good readership. If you are scheduling a certain amount of posts a week, keep on it. Even on the weeks that it can be incredibly difficult to write, get something written. If you won’t be able to write for a week or two, look for guest posts that are relevant to your niche, well-written, and information-rich. If you simply stop writing for days on end, your readers will be unimpressed and lose interest in your blog. Be consistent.

Blogging can be a great tool for you business to engage your social following and drive traffic to your website. However, if you don’t do it properly, it can actually have a negative effect. What practices do you avoid when blogging for your business? What practices work well? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!

Denny P. is an avid writer and enjoys reading and learning about SEO and social media. He writes on behalf of BestOnlineCollege.org.


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