Top 4 Engaging Content Marketing Strategies

‘Content Marketing,’ the marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable pieces of content in order to engage an audience, is fast becoming one of the most valuable tools in the world of online advertising.

A successful content marketing campaign and the content created within it should attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined target audience, allowing your brand to make a real impression on your industry. You could be the smallest physical retailer on your local high street; if you’ve hired the right SEO team to spread informative pieces of content around the World Wide Web, the platform is there for you to become a market leader. It’s no cliché; the internet really is a place where dreams are made.

In simple terms, content marketing is the art of communicating with your customers and prospective audience without extensively pushing your products. It may surprise you to hear that not everyone wishes to hear about your products during their lunch break or free afternoon. They’d sooner read an engaging blog or a news story, written by yourself, before having a quick scan around the hosting website. It is from there that you can drive sales and build your customer base.

How can you guarantee a healthy return on investment? Well, hiring professionals is a start. Writing SEO content requires a different set of skills, and a poorly written piece will only deter any potential customers. You’ve a few avenues to pursue with your content marketing campaign, so meet with an agency and discuss which of the following would be best for your business:

Create a Blog

A blog is one of the easiest ways to create a regular stream of content under your company header, and the pieces are ideal for companies with a few interesting products to sell. Furthermore, blogging is a great way to demonstrate the writer’s expertise, build customer loyalty and create engaging content that can be re-used again and again.

However, the sharing of archived posts should only be exercised if you’re referring back to a point. Blogs should be updated on a regular basis and providing quality is always a must. For more blogging tips, be sure to read BizBrag’s ‘Do’s and Don’ts of Blogging For Your Business,’ and ‘8 Things That Will Kill Your Blog Post.’

Apply Current News to Your Story

There’s plenty of engaging news stories to be found on the web, all lined up for you to utilize on your own website. A hired writer will take a recent news story and apply a suitable angle for your company or industry. For instance, a story on investment in IT start-ups could benefit your garden office business, as budding entrepreneurs might be looking for a lucrative market to tap.

Create Lists

You probably read a few lists each day. A list really is just another type of blog, but framing it in a ‘top 10’ format makes it a quicker read, and is easier for the consumer to absorb. Don’t think that you have to stick to strictly 10 pieces of information in one list, however – ‘top 5’ or any other number will do just as well, and it also provides a variety of content to keep your audience interested.

These types of titles also seem a little more appealing on social networking sites, as the audience knows exactly what they’re getting from the piece. They are also likely to be shared by your audience, building engagement and growing your visibility with little effort from you.

Use Videos

Don’t think that your content marketing strategy has to focus solely on reading, though, as some ideas work better in the form of a video.

For example, some how-to guides are a little hard to explain without demonstrating exactly what you’re trying to do. Perhaps you own your own electronics firm, but happen to sell a few car maintenance tools also. You could demonstrate how to jump start a car through your own set of spark plugs, and include a link to where the viewer can see your products. This helps you advertise your products, but in a way that offers something of value to the audience even if they don’t make a purchase.

Even if you aren’t demonstrating a product or providing a tutorial, videos are great for incorporating variety into a strategy and can provide for a different type of audience.

Although it can be time consuming, content marketing  is a great technique for businesses to use in order to create longevity and a loyal customer base. Although content marketing will never be an overnight magical solution to building traffic to your website or generating sales through customer engagement, when used correctly and as one part in a larger marketing strategy, you will not only gain customers, you will create and keep loyal advocates for your brand and business.

What strategies do you employ for your content marketing campaign? Have you found any types of content that really resonate with your audience? Share your insight and experiences in our comments section below!

Richard Towey is a journalist writing SEO content for Vertical Leap, a content-driven search agency based in Portsmouth, UK.


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