Top 5 Best Title Tag Practices

The life of a website depends on the traffic that it receives daily. If you want to improve your presence online, you have to see to it that your site is properly optimized. Listed below are a few ways on how to do it properly.

Unique Title Tag

Target each page on your site narrowly, and signal to both search engines and visitors what the topic of the page is by giving it a unique and specific topic. Unique title tags ensure that visitors and search engines know the differences between each page and that you do not have any duplicate content.

Title Tag Length

The title tags should not exceed approximately 12 words. Repetition of keywords must be avoided unless it is a different keyword phrase that you are trying to optimize for. The maximum number of characters that you can place in your title tag is 65 to 70. If it goes beyond that, it will no longer be considered to be part of the title tag that will be crawled by Google typically.

Placement of Keywords in Title Tag

The keyword that you are trying to optimize for is best placed at the beginning of the tag. This will help you more in your search engine rankings and your site will have a better probability in coming out higher in the search results.

Research Keywords

The keywords that you use in your website, especially in the title tags, must be well researched. The keywords should be related to the page content obviously. A very useful tool for research is the Google Keyword Tool. This will guide you in choosing the right keywords for your title tag.

Use Google Insights

If you are not yet using Google Insights, then it is high time that you do. Google Insights will assist you in getting the best titles for your blog posts. It can show you the keywords that are researched most and those that are rising in searches.

By optimizing your title tags correctly, you can help give your site a boost in SEO and build your traffic. Failing to use title tags correctly can result in the Google search engine bots being unable to index your website correctly and it will therefore become lost in the sea of search engine results. Use these simple tips to optimize your site correctly and receive the highest number of views possible.

What tips do you use to optimize your sight for the highest traffic possible? Share your best practices in our comments section!

Eric Pratum manages Inbound and Agile – a marketing, leadership, and growth website that specializes in inbound marketing, and exponential acquisition.


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