How to Protect Your Site from Another Google Update with the Proper Techniques

Thousands of websites have been affected by the Google Penguin update. The update was made in order to give a better experience to people who browse the Internet to find information or to buy something. Prior to the Penguin update, most website owners resorted to the over-optimization of their web pages in order to increase traffic to their websites. They overstuffed their pages with keywords and the keyword density was more than the required standards that qualifies for good readability. As a result, the written content suffered in terms of quality just so websites could get higher rankings.

Google Penguin aims to upgrade the quality of web pages and to decrease the ranking of those who use low-quality SEO methods. This update is aimed at those who overstuff their web contents with keywords. Apparently this update is to counter the popular Google myth of keyword density. If you are focused too much on keywords, you might find yourself overstuffing your content with them and the consequences of this can be terrible.

How to Keep Your Google Rank

There is no need for you to worry about the current Google update, if you simply follow what Google wants. You can do certain things that will keep your current ranking or even upgrade it, and here are some of them:

Check the quality of your website content.

You can check the quality of your content by reading it out loud. By being able to hear it, you will be able to determine if is awkward to read or not. Also check if what you are reading makes sense to you. If you are just repeating the same phrases, that means you are just playing the search engine game and not appealing to the mind of your readers.

Don’t over-optimize

Avoid highlighting your keywords and underlining them. This practice will over-optimize your content. The Penguin will scour your content for such things and will reduce your ranking if it finds too much of it. If your rank has already been devalued, check your content if there are too many underlined words and phrases, italics and bold fonts. Use them only as required, such as in titles or when illustrating a point.

Use generic anchor text.

This is one of the most effective techniques you can use to increase your position in search engines. There are lists of generic anchor text that you can get online. They were created as a response to the recent Google update that has affected the rankings of numerous websites. You can use them to change the links that are already overused. Here is a sample list of this text:

  • continue reading this
  • read review
  • see page
  • go to website
  • see post
  • on the main page
  • use this link
  • helpful site
  • on the front page
  • great site
  • moved here
  • my latest blog post
  • my review here
  • updated blog post
  • redirected here

This is just a short sample list. You can see more of these generic anchor texts if
you will search the Internet for them.

Now knowing that Google can at anytime and with the few suggestions listed above its time to take action. Fire up your website, log into your web developer software and start taking a look on where you can fix some things that could bring you down in rankings when that next update hits. Because like a California earthquake, you do not know WHEN it will happen, you just know it WILL!

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