The Importance of Marketing and Branding

When in business, you have probably heard the words marketing and branding an unhealthy amount of times. What exactly do they mean, however? Why is it important to market or brand your business? Let’s take a look at Coca Cola, one of the World’s most recognized brands of all time. If they had a bright pink and purple bottle, with a slogan such as ‘not a bad drink’, do you think they  would be where they are today? Probably not. Marketing and branding is extremely important if you wish to take your small or medium business to the next level with your customers.

The Difference Between Marketing and Branding

Your brand is what distinguishes you from other companies that offer the same products or services as you, whether that be in the form of a logo, slogan or general image.

Marketing is almost dependent on a company’s brand, as it is the way you distribute your brand to your customers. As an example, your marketing campaign could include leaflets, your website, social media and so on.

Marketing and branding are two very similar things, that rely on each other to work for your business, so having the right team behind you can ensure that both areas are as strong as each other.

Why is Branding Important for Your Company?

A company without a brand is like a person without a face. There will be no image, no personality and no character that sets you apart from every other company offering the same thing.

A brand is important for a customer, as it defines who you are a business, why you are right for that particular market and whether you will be remembered. When a potential customer needs your products or services, they will come straight to you if your brand is strong and memorable enough.

Why is Marketing Important for Your Company?

A company without a marketing campaign is like a person without a voice. You may have all of the personality, image and character in the World, but if you are not putting yourself out there then nobody is going to notice you.

Marketing is the key to making your brand memorable, by spreading the word in any way that is suitable for your industry and business. If many of your customers use social networking, then putting your name on the map can involve spreading your brand through all of the different social media websites.

The Importance of Using Both Marketing and Branding Together

Without marketing, or branding, people will not know of your company, will not be drawn to your products or services and it is unlikely that your business will progress. It may be working well currently in your local area, or by word of mouth, but in time you will find that those old channels will dry up and it is time to investigate new areas of communication with your customers such as posters, flyers, business cards or internet marketing.

Ensure you build a strong brand image that is memorable and then promote it, as hard as you can. You will find that the benefits will far outweigh the initial outlay of designing and creating a marketing and branding campaign, creating an impressive return on investment.

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Imogen Newman is a marketer and freelance writer specializing in online branding and she recommends contacting Open Water Online for the best advice on this and more.


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