How to Execute an E-Mail Marketing Campaign

E-mail marketing, or sending newsletter-like e-mails to a list of customers, has become increasingly popular. It’s all well and good investing in an e-mail marketing campaign to boost your homepage rankings, heighten your brand’s exposure and keep in touch with your loyal following, but at first you’ll need something worthwhile to say.

You’ve got loads of things your audience will want to hear about, right? Talking to a mailing list is a lot easier than addressing a physical crowd of 500. You won’t be wrong in thinking this either. Whether it’s a product launch or the announcement of a partnership, it’s likely that your readers and customers will want to remain in the loop. However, putting these snippets of news into a suitable format is where people often become stuck.

For the mailing list to have taken shape, you will have needed to ask for each individual’s permission. They should be allowed to opt out at any time, meaning that your updates have to be clear, concise and perhaps less frequent than you might want them to be. Failure to do so could cause your recipient reel to shrink at a rapid pace, as no one wants three emails a day from a single company. Their mobile alert tone will soon start to become tedious, leaving them with no other choice but to sever the connection.

The best chance you have of keeping hold of your contacts is by deploying a newsletter, containing all of your weekly or monthly goings on. Here’s what a typical bulletin should contain:


Starting at the top of your publication is of course the news; a few small articles covering your most significant updates. As aforementioned, there’s no better platform to advertise your new lines and services. Every article advertising a product should always contain a picture, a price if it’s worth shouting about, along with a link allowing the recipient to place an order. This message will hit the bullseye of your target audience at the fraction of the cost for a print campaign.

Company announcements also fit flush into the news section. So, if you’ve got something to say on an industry update, construct a formal response stating your position on the matter. You could also select a piece of news from elsewhere and write it up for your own site. Just remember to cite your sources.


A well-written company blog is of little use when hidden amongst pages upon pages of other content on your homepage. You can use a monthly update to send around the latest posts, allowing your website traffic to reach new heights. These will be slightly less formal, focused on a topical matter and should encourage a response. To get people sharing your content globally, you need to make sure the most important people receive it first. This is why so many people are deciding to invest in email newsletter software, because it provides them with a platform to work off.


Likewise, how do you possibly expect word of your new social media offering to get around without an initial introduction? If you’ve recently launched a Twitter page or similar, don’t forget a sizeable ‘You can find us on…’ when designing your newsletter. Away from this, some newsletters are based entirely around the idea of pointing people to useful resources and links elsewhere on the internet. Direct people to news, online tools etc. that they might appreciate, ideally with an explanation stating why you consider them to be of worth.


Some newsletters will also serve as customer feedback forums, bringing business and consumer together through a small Q&A slot. Consider prompting your customers to send in questions in one update for you to answer in the next. Around 10 per update is par for the course, or lessen the amount if the issues discussed are by no means cut and dry.

Of course, these are pieces of content typical of an average newsletter. If you’ve got something a little more interesting and creative with your own campaign, identify the benefits and go for it!

What tactics do you find useful for your e-mail marketing campaign? Let us know in the comments!

Stuart Wooster has used email newsletter software for various clients and in his spare time enjoys listening to trance music.


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