20 Organizational Tips for Web Marketers

In today’s world, the term “web marketer” can really mean many different things. You could be more of a traditional marketer, creating content & advertisements for your clients that are intended to drive web traffic or e-commerce sales, or you could be more of a social media manager, maintaining your client’s web presence and portraying a specific image to the world. Whatever your job description, staying on task is a crucial part of your day.

From social media to project and client management, web marketers are inundated with information. Staying organized and current on your projects, as well as technical and communication news, is critical to providing the best service and maintaining a good relationship with your customers. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of 20 tips to help you stay organized and on task throughout your busy day.

Here are 20 tips for web marketers (or anyone!) to stay organized:  

  • Identify the most productive or creative time of day. Use this time of day for the most complicated tasks. Non-priority email, for example, can wait until a less productive time of day.
  • Checking email twice a day is a simple way to gain more time in the workday, rather than checking a few times an hour. Focus on the tasks at hand and most important emails. The rest can wait until later in the day or a different day.
  • Organize email and/or set email to automatically sort in folders in a way that makes sense whether by account, client, priority or project. When a client calls to ask if their email has been received, go to that client’s folder and check rather than sorting through hundreds of emails.
  • Communication with project teams through an online project management system. Emails can be cumbersome and considered by Millennials to be passé.
  • RSS feeds are an efficient way for web marketers to stay organized and focused. Rather than reading the spectrum of news and information that is available RSS feeds allow readers to see only what they are interested in seeing.
  • Social media can be a time suck if not carefully managed. Utilize a scheduling service to maintain a consistent online presence. Schedule a daily time of 15-30 minutes to review and comment on all social media accounts.
  • Ideas come to us in a variety of ways often making scribbles on sticky notes the beginning of a great idea or endeavor.
  • Organize the sticky notes in a way that makes sense for the business or project. If it’s a phone number, call the person, save the phone number in your contact manager and throw the note away. If it’s a future project, save it in a folder called future projects, for example.
  • Keep a list of ideas for future projects. Periodically, perhaps monthly or quarterly, review the ideas to see which are still viable and which can be thrown away.
  • Keep a list of current projects and related tasks. Depending on the size of the project or business this can be part of an online project management system.
  • Assign project tasks to team members or color code if a solo-preneur. The idea is to have a simple system for tracking progress of projects and tasks that are longer term.
  • Use Google Calendar to track tasks and appointments and color code. Color coding for out of office appointments simplifies mileage tracking. Adding travel time to the calendar will help eliminate being late for appointments. Utilize the pop-up, text and/or email reminders of Google Calendar.
  • White boards and bulletin boards can be utilized to hash out ideas or project flow with your team before uploading to a project management system.
  • Maintain project files for current projects, future projects and ideas for the future. Color code the files and review notes on a regular basis. The next great idea could be in those folders!
  • Prioritize lists with simple codes or colors so the most important tasks are completed first and on time.
  • Be able to take notes at a moment’s notice. Carry a notebook and pen or utilize an app like Evernote to jot ideas, contact information and more.
  • Listen for ideas: Employees, clients and peers offer a variety of ideas. Even if they are not related to a specific project, make note of the ones that resonate. They could be used later…or now.
  • Establish a short morning review of the day’s tasks and appointments. Have an understanding of what needs focus and attention and get that stuff done!
  • At the end of the day review outstanding tasks, re-prioritize and get ready for the next day. Clear the desk of today’s completed tasks and get ready for tomorrow.
  • Allow down time in the creative process. Walking away from a project can often be the most productive action to take. Down time also means getting a full night of sleep.

Having an organized plan of action on a daily, weekly and longer term basis are keys to staying organized and successful, whether you are a web marketer, an entrepreneur, or an intern. By taking note of these simple tips, you can not only improve your productivity, but the quality of your work as well, making you a valuable asset to any team.

What do you do to help keep yourself and/or your team organized and on track? Leave your best tips and insight in our comments section… we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Today’s blog post was brought to you by Kara Taylor of ClientSpot, an online project management system.


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  1. dongrgic says:

    Thank you for the post. Great advice.

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