Three Things You Need to Know About Google Authorship

Google Authorship is now making buzz all over the search engine world with the excellent solutions it offers to authors and content creators. Google Authorship works by linking the content using the author’s profile on Google Plus. The online world has always been impressed with the idea that “content is king” that is why, we place heavy emphasis on creating unique and engaging content. In fact, a lot of websites employ different authors to ensure that they are steadily supplied with original and well-written posts, some of them we really find delight in reading. Now, what Google Authorship wants to do is to show some of the author’s works, including his profile, to make it easier and faster to locate his recent contents via the search engine. This makes it more convenient for searchers to look for other articles of his favorite author.

Now, you may ask, why would you ever care displaying a little bit about yourself right there in the search engine result? Here are three of the most enticing benefits that you surely won’t waste a chance to grab!

Google Authorship Boosts Your Importance and Authority in Your Niche

Although Google Authorship isn’t as profound compared to excellent link profile or domain authority, it will however establish your reputation as someone who is the fount of information in your niche market. Now, it works this way: When an author keeps on writing quality content after quality content, and his contents keep on attracting heavy traffic and buzz, that author will eventually build up a strong “Author Ranking,” which in return will boost the traffic and, hopefully, the ranking of the other content that he has written.

Google Authorship Increases Your Name Awareness

Why is it that in every competition, there will always be people who are ahead of the pack, while there are also those who will always be left behind? Simple, they are recognized and highly respected in their niche because they carry a sense of authority. These people are usually innovators, leaders, and trendsetters and their expertise are always thought hard to match. That is why, every idea that springs from their mind—and every content that they make, for that matter—will always click with readers. Why? Because they have established a strong name awareness. Now, if you are a startup author and you want Google to consider you as someone expert in your field, it’s a matter of hard work and determination to reach that goal. Write high quality content, and always write what’s hot and trending. Always put your name somewhere in the article. Always be innovative with your ideas, so you’ll have better chances of getting cited and credited by other authors.

Google Authorship Boosts Interaction with Audience

“Connection is King”? Why not? In fact, there’s been a growing number of proponents who argue that content will never reign supreme unless there are searchers and readers who utilize them. This argument springs from the fact that social media continues to change the way we see the online landscape, creating and sustaining a strong interaction between content creators and their target market. This is possible because Google Authorship links each content to its author, thus, making it more personable for the readers. In return, this spurns an interaction between the author and the readers and the content could end up getting shared or talked about by them.

So spread your popularity across the vastness of the online world with Google Authorship. You’ll see the difference and you’ll be very proud of the fact that Google gets to showcase your work to millions of readers.

What do you think about Google Authorship? Leave us a comment!

Manilyn Moreno takes interest in sharing her knowledge through contributing articles about SEO and online marketing. Currently, she’s working as the Online Marketing and Content Manager for Better Cater, a catering software company.


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3 Responses to Three Things You Need to Know About Google Authorship

  1. katiiisays says:

    I guess this means I should actually use Google+ at least in some form.

    • BizBrag says:

      That’s exactly what it means! Even if you don’t use Google+ as your primary social network, the benefits of being involved are huge! Glad you found this post helpful 🙂 Thanks for reading! -BizBrag Team

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