Does Your Small Business Need a Website?

If you have a small business, but don’t have a website, have you ever considered that you could be missing out?

If you want your business to be doing great and not just good, if you want more customers and clients and if you want more people to know what you do, then getting a website is just what you need.

Why Does Your Business Need a Website?

In the past, when people were looking for products or services they would pick up a phone book and search for companies in the local area that could help them. People would also rely on word of mouth and visit a company that a friend or relative had used before.

However, these days things have changed and in a big way. People use the internet more and more to search for products and services. People type a key few words into a search engine, press search and then pages and pages are returned with names of companies who can help them.

People also like to connect with their favorite businesses and brands on social sites such as Twitter and Facebook. These are great tools to connect with your customer base, but social profiles are not as easily found on a search engine as your website.

If you don’t have a website then your company won’t appear on these pages and people (potential customers and clients) won’t be able to find you and won’t know that your company exists. If your competitors are online people will find them and go to them.

Your Online Presence Will Allow Potential Employees and Investors to Find Your Business

The more people that know about your business and what you offer, the more people will come to you and buy your products or pay for your services. Even if you can’t or don’t want to sell products online, you should still have a website. Just because you can’t or will not sell to them online today, doesn’t mean you won’t be able to do so in the future.

Even if your business consists of yourself and three employees, you still need a website. Websites aren’t just for big companies. Small companies need websites too and they are a cost effective way of advertising.

Website Design

So now you know the reasons as to why you should have a website you’ll need to think about what kind of website you need. Web design is just as important for small businesses as it is for large companies with thousands to spend in their annual budget. There are so many people searching online, so you need to make sure that when they come across your website it’s professional looking and one that is taken seriously.

You want your website to scream what your company is about so make sure you make a good first impression. Add some personality to the company website and make sure your logo is visible. Also include an ‘about us’ and ‘contact us’ section. The ‘about us’ section will allow customers to have an insight into what your company is about, what you stand for and who the owners and employees are.

A good website should also have a ‘contact us’ page. This page will give the details of where your company is based and will give the company’s contact details so customers and clients can call or email if they have any questions.

It is also important that your website be properly optimized for search. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, refers to the process of increasing your website’s visibility on a search engine results page.

We live in a world that is  all about technology, so take advantage of this and get a website for your business. Let people know about your company and what you do. Else you risk being overlooked and possibly missing out on vital income.

This post was brought to you by Stuart Wooster, who helps with web design for small businesses along with enhancing their overall web presence.


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