Why Your Blog Needs Widgets

Facebook WidgetPut simply, a widget is an application that can be embedded onto a third party site. If you’ve ever been on a website that has a live feed of Facebook updates or Tweet, that’s a widget. There is a difference, however, between a “web widget” and a “desktop widget.” While a desktop widget is embedded into your computer and does not have any SEO value, a web widget can be used on websites, blogs, even social media profiles, and can have a big impact on your SEO, your backlinks, and your over all website performance. To understand exactly how widgets do this, consider these points:

Drive Traffic

A widget can help drive traffic to just about any website, blog, or social media profile that you wish. Take a look at the right-hand side of our blog. Notice the Facebook, Twitter, and Recent Post widgets? When someone finds the BizBrag blog through a search, they not only receive the valuable information contained within the post, they are directed to places that they know potentially hold more relevant information that may be of interest to them, and by giving your audience access to these areas, they are likely to visit. If these links were not there, we would not be able to grow our social audience and build relationships with our followers.

Show Your Authority

Authority is something that is extremely important to anyone looking for information on the web. If someone were to find your blog, but couldn’t connect to you via Facebook or Twitter, they would have no way to verify that you are an authority on the subject they are looking to learn about. Even if they felt that the content of your blog was informative, they may still not trust that you have experience in a particular field or are an expert on a particular subject. However by providing them a way to learn more about you, you can help ease their worry and recognize you as someone with valuable insight.

Promote Your Posts

Although you should always link your blog posts to help drive traffic to other parts of your blog, having a ‘Recent Posts’ widget on your blog will draw your audience’s eye to other posts in more encouraging way. A link in the body of your post has the potential to be clicked, especially if it is about a similar topic, but because it is surrounded by text, the human eye could read over it without realizing it is a link. By having a specific part of your page dedicated to other posts, you are advertising them in a way that sticks out to the reader.

Widgets are extremely helpful for driving traffic and building relationships, and are usually available for free from your blog’s host. Do yourself and your blog a favor by including widgets and watch your readership and engagement grow!

Hannah Marr is the Content Director for BizBrag, an online SEO and social media marketing platform.


About BizBrag
BizBrag – An all-in-one Online Marketing Platform, LAUNCHES your small business across the web providing visibility and introductions to new customers in a unique fashion. BizBrag provides a centralized, easy-to-use location with everything your small business needs for online marketing and more. Forget huge fees, set-up costs and technology quagmires, BizBrag is a simple to use solution that even non-tech business owners can enjoy.

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