Video Marketing: How Viral Video and YouTube can be Marketing Gems

Online marketing is growing every day, with more companies seeing the benefits of getting themselves on the web. Many people look at conventional methods such as search engines and simple social media tools to get noticed, but there is a growing trend in video marketing and viral ad campaigns. If you can learn how to utilize video marketing correctly, it could spell a HUGE return for your business in the form of increased traffic, both to your website and your physical location(s), an increased social following, and increased revenue.

What is online video marketing and viral video?

Online video marketing is a fairly new way of advertising your company in the form of a recorded video advert, message or even a full scale production. It can be anything from a response to customer comments by the CEO (see the hilarious Bodyform viral video) to a way of advertising in a completely different ways. A lot of large companies such as Coca Cola have found that by posting videos on their website and YouTube they see a rise in customers interested in their product, as well as a rise in sales. When a video is shared by others and generates interest you will then begin to see what is called ‘viral marketing’ in action!

How to use online video marketing effectively

If you want to get involved with online video marketing, then it is important that you do it right. Just posting a video of you saying ‘Buy my product!’ is not going to get you very far, even if you are doing it with a funny wig and mustache. It is all about targeting your audience and promoting your video in the right way. Here are some top tips on how to use online video marketing correctly and how to make that video go viral!

  1. Think about your title. The same goes for any type of marketing from articles to Tweets. You have to draw the right people in and so thinking of an original, thought-provoking title will guarantee a lot more views.
  2. Use keywords! Just like anything on the internet, keywords are the way to get the views and appear higher in search engines. If you are putting your video on YouTube then look at some similar videos for keyword ideas.
  3. Make your content count, whether it be what your video is trying to get across, or the description that goes with it. You have to ensure that the message you are sending out ties in with your company but also that it is relevant to other people.
  4. Always provide a link! So many excellent video marketing campaigns will fail because the company just relies on people to search for the business or product. Unless you are as big as Coca Cola this just isn’t going to happen, so make sure potential customers know where to find you.
  5. Create a campaign to make your video go viral! Ask for people to recreate your video, film a response or share on their social networking sites for greater exposure. If you can then try and film a few videos on the same topic instead of just one stand-alone video. This will make sure that people check back to see the latest instalment of your company videos.

These are just some of the ways of making your video marketing campaign a success and create a viral super storm. Always ensure that your content is interesting and exciting so that it does not end up at the bottom of the YouTube pile. If you get the right balance of information and uniqueness then you can expect a flurry of interest in your website, business or product as your video becomes viral.

Have you had success with your video marketing campaign? What worked, and what did not work? Share your insight in our comments section – We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Ed Cowan is a freelance producer who has worked in video production for over a decade. He enjoys watching the rise and fall of different marketing techniques and writing about their impact. He currently works for


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