SEO for Large Enterprises

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art of improving the search rankings of web properties. Most people only click the top two or three results, and only a small percentage view the second page of search results. Through SEO, companies can ensure that they are among the highest results. Effective SEO, however, is complicated, and the old strategy of building links is not sufficient for succeeding. Here are a few tips about SEO for large enterprise companies.

Create Great Content

Too often, those in charge of SEO create the basic properties necessary for a website. This is fine for creating the basic skeleton of a website, but this skeleton must be filled with more substantial material. One of the best ways to achieve this is to create content that educates users. Instead of linking to a helpful article, it is better to provide how-to guides and background information. A company that deals with computer security, for example, can commission material on the history of computer viruses and rate various anti-malware programs. People will link to good content, so companies will want to have the best content available.

Build Links Effectively

The number of links a particular web property contains is important, but search engines are now looking for quality over quantity. Raw numbers have become secondary. Social media links are helpful, and all websites should be listed in business directories. One link from a major newspaper, however, can trump hundreds of links from traditional sources. By sending emails to reporters and offering help or interesting information, it may be possible to land a potentially lucrative interview that will cause the web property to rocket up the rankings. When building links, it is important to try to get the most powerful links possible.

Build a Community

Communities fuel much of the Internet; between social media, forums and blogs, people spend much of their time communicating with others in niche areas. By fostering a community, large enterprise companies can drive their success with only minimal effort. An informative blog with a large number of comments will perform well in the search engines, and users are likely to head to the main page at some point. A forum can also work well. By advertising a forum and reaching a level where the size of the forum attracts more users, a company will see considerable traffic. Social media works as well, and great content on social media will likely be shared by followers. The prime advantage of these communities is that they sustain themselves and will create quality links for years to come.

Rowena Kang is a writer and the Director of Content for the Morgan Law Firm. Please visit the Morgan Law Firm Blog for additional content.


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