3 Reasons Your Staff Should Be Contributing to Your Blog

It should already be common knowledge that a business that blogs gets more business. In a Hubspot study that compared over 1500 websites without blogs to websites with blogs, those with a business blog received 55% more site visitors, a staggering 97% more inbound links and 474% more indexed pages. If you’re not convinced, check out the facts for yourself. Business blogging is a simple, and enjoyable way to motivate and energize your employees while simultaneously creating marketing results. Business blogging is also a proven method of improving human resource management – getting staff involved contributes to work ethic, company culture and productivity. If you’re thinking about outsourcing your blog posts, consider your staff. They are knowledgeable, available and motivated – why not encourage them to contribute to your business blog?

1. Your writers have already been hired

It’s simple – your staff are already available and intelligent blog authors, whether they know it or not. Presuming they have been employed at the company for some period of time, they are already experts in the businesses. Even if your staff say they aren’t ‘writers’, they are attuned to the goings-on of their industry. Think of your staff as a database of content just waiting to be written. Whether it be content coming from the human resources department or financial information from accounting, each functional level has the capability to contribute.

Remember: Don’t let your staff overthink it. A blog post should be readable and straightforward. Readers will be more inclined to share, comment and engage if the content is simple. Plus, letting your staff write about what they love will be naturally enjoyable to read.

2. Blogging motivates staff without resorting to financial compensation

Business blogging creates an opportunity for staff to look outside their daily tasks. The nature of educational business blogging inevitably leads to the writer learning more about a specific topic. Moreover, your staff will learn to become more persuasive and influential writers. They will most likely learn more about their own strengths, weakness, likes and dislikes as a result. For those staff members who don’t consider themselves writers – it presents a challenge. When a post by your staff gets shared, liked and commented on, they’ll see how gratifying it really is.

Remember: Keep it light. Avoid giving your staff time constraints or limiting a topic to one functional area. If your IT guy wants to write about marketing – so be it.

3. Ensure staff know that their posts will increase sales and revenue for the company

We know that business blogging is good for business – but why? On-site blogs increase visitors which convert to leads and sales. Informing your staff about the measurable benefits of blog posts (search engine optimization, social media integration, keyword analysis etc) can increase their drive to create compelling content. Including calls to action, and other tactics to optimize lead generation should be included in every blog post.

Remember: Publishing content that revolves around your company’s specific products and services is a surefire way to lose readers. Instead of creating product-specific posts, aim to create educational, thought-provoking content that readers will want to share with others.

Your employees are your greatest resource, and creating a blog that integrates with your existing website is the new standard. Companies that don’t blog, and engage with their target consumers will inevitably fall behind. Encouraging your staff to contribute to the company blog will have positive effects on your company culture, and human resource management. Providing fresh, up-to-date content signals readers that your company is inspired and innovative.

Meghan Tooley is an author, blogger and social media enthusiast. She currently attends University as an undergraduate human resources student. Her writings can be read all across the web. To learn about human resources consulting visit PeopleFirstHR.com


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