Top 6 Online Marketing Trends for 2012 and What You Need to Know in 2013

Lightning fast online marketing trends come and go, but if you are a business or website owner then you must be incorporated with all latest trends in order to stay competitive. If you are the missing latest updates then chances are that you could encounter a loss in the future. Lately, there have been some efficient latest trends in the world of online marketing, and it is essential that you know all to remain at the top.

Lucrative Deals

Due to today’s extremely hard economic scenario, everyone is looking for attractive deals. If you are into buying or selling online, then it makes sense to offer some great deals for your customers, especially towards the end of the year and the holiday season. Deals are very helpful in magnetizing new customers towards your products and services. Therefore, more and more businesses are using deals as marketing tool to establish strong client base. However when using this strategy, keep in mind that it’s necessary to broadcast your deals in the most effectual manner to attract more masses. This could mean through social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, through e-mail marketing, or online advertising. Which manner you choose to use to advertise your deals are up to you.

Local Advertising

Local marketing always play vital role in increasing the flow of traffic towards your website. It is a fresh idea for online marketers but gaining great attention from webmasters. In fact, local advertising should be first priority after worldwide marketing. This can be done by optimizing your content specifically for your location, or by targeting your advertisements to specific geographic locations. Local advertising is also especially beneficial for small businesses who are looking to increase physical foot traffic to their brick and mortar location.

CRM Database

CRM database is not new, but it still it is a favorite online marketing tool for webmasters and businesses. The Customer Relationship Database allows the company or webmaster to treasure customer’s information in the database for future references. The information about customers can be gathered via different methods like social media or other relative sites.

More Payment Options

Offering more payment options is becoming a new trend in the world of online marketing. Gone are those days when people used to use only credit card for buying or shopping online; now they have more choices to use on ecommerce sites. There are numerous payment options available these days, such as PayPal and BillMeLater, to name a few. It is recommended to use multiple options for the ease and comfort of customers.

Mobile Marketing

Webmasters are giving more emphasis on mobile marketing by building mobile friendly sites in order to allow users to easily make purchases while on the move. It is one of the coolest trends of online marketing and is gaining hype rapidly. More screen options can be another successful trend. It simply means to offer additional viewing options to customers such as TV, tablets and other methods. This is going to become even more important in the coming months as more and more users switch from traditional desktop and laptop PC’s and use their smartphones and tablets for Internet use and online shopping.

Socially Earned Credentials

The term, “socially earned credentials,” actually means to earn decent comments and reviews about your own business or website throughout different social networking websites. With this method, businesses have to take part in conversations that happening related your products and services. You can also ask or request people to rate your services in order to build good reputation.

If socially earned credentials are a goal for your website or business, then it is imperative to have quality content in order to attract visitors to your social sites and encourage them to comment and share. People involved in social networks are not going to just share every piece of content they come across – there has to be something valuable and different about your content to help it stand out from all the rest.

What online marketing trends have you found most useful in 2012? What do you plan to do in 2013? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Kathryn Shepherd writes on behalf of Chrisalex Corp. as the Editorial Content Writer. She has also written several articles on Office Stationary Suppliers for the website


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