The Importance of Social Media Optimization

In the past few years, particularly with the emergence of Google as the major player in search and its acquisition of PostRank, as well as its reported blocking of organic keyword searches performed by logged in users, Social Media Optimization (SMO) has become the byword of the internet savvy marketer. Studies have shown that, even though PPC and SEO are vital parts of building and growing your online presence, the rapid growth of social media means that any business or webhost who chooses not to also utilize social media optimization is in danger of missing out on a large percentage of potential traffic for their website.

How Can SMO Benefit Your Website?

Social media is all about the discovery of new content, an activity which perpetuates the need for search functions and which, in turn, supports search engine optimization (SEO). However with SMO it is the users who are primarily responsible for creating links, which is why the most successful SMO websites are those which create spaces for their users in which they can generate their own content and interact.

As internet users have become more mobile, so have the ways in which they have interacted with online applications, and open discussion leads to the creation of communities which exist to perpetuate and disseminate topics of interest. Users who submit content or opinion are therefore more likely to subscribe to or follow a website or mailing list, the latter of which can be used concurrently as both a social media platform and marketing strategy. This in turn leads to an ease of merging social media with existing advertising via blogging, networking and email marketing campaigns.

By avoiding the need for keyword and link optimization, content becomes more organic and interesting to users, and by creating a mashup wherein users can easily access both information and media you will ensure your target audience are more likely to return to your website and stay there for longer durations of time.

Communicating Clearly

The language of SMO also reflects and is an accurate representation of the needs and expectations of users, which is why a website optimized for social media will be more accessible and generate a higher percentage of links than those which are not.

As language, social media is fluid and highly adaptable; this means that methods employed to interact with social media must be similarly fluid and also necessitates the importance of keeping up with, not only social media trends as well as how these trends are communicated to and disseminated by their intended audience.

The intention is to create a space in which users can communicate in ways that are understandable, exciting and rich in content, and to encourage them to reproduce content organically without the need for visible advertising. In addition, with links from sites such as facebook now impacting directly upon Google search ranking, the need for social media optimization has never been higher.

What do you think about the growing connection between search engine optimization and social media? Do you believe that social media optimization will be a growing trend in 2013? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

This article was written by Amanda Revie on behalf of the WebMarketing Group, an established SEO marketing company specialising in SMO, SEO, content writing and online PR. To find out more about  social media optimisation visit their website.


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