SEO Training: What to Consider When Designing and Launching a New Website

SEOAs many marketers know, SEO is a critical part of driving traffic to a website. While backlinking is important, there are numerous on-site techniques that can be implemented into web design to give your site an SEO boost. Let’s now go over some of the top SEO considerations to take into account when designing a website.

Include Text & Title Tags

One of the most important parts of building a website is making sure that you have enough text. Since search engines use spiders to crawl websites and index content, it’s important that you have enough text to let them know what your website is about. If your website consists solely of images or Flash animations, then Google and other search engines will be unable to crawl it. Basically, if you can’t highlight text, then search engines won’t be able to index your content. For this reason, you should make sure that have enough text that can be highlighted. You should also use <h1> tags at the top of your page and break your text down into sections with subtitles using the <h3> or <h4> tags or bulleted lists. Not only does this make it easier for readers to digest your content, it also makes it easier for search engines to index your content and helps them determine what keywords are the most relevant.

Research Keywords

Another part of effective SEO involves performing some keyword research. Before writing an article or blog post, it’s smart to use a platform like Google Keyword Tool to do some background research. Typically, this starts by first entering in a broad keyword phrase and browsing through the results to find keywords that are highly searched but still have a relatively low amount of competition. Once you have found some good keywords, you will want to use them correctly. Avoid ‘keyword-stuffing,’ or including your keywords unnaturally and as many times as possible. Google now has ‘natural language algorithms’ which can detect keyword stuffing and will penalize your website, as this technique is thought of as spammy and black-hat.

Content is King

Along with this, it’s necessary to create content that’s both quality and unique. While spinning articles and creating mediocre content may have been acceptable a few years ago, algorithmic changes like Google’s Panda and Penguin updates have cracked down on this. Consequently, you should take the time or hire someone to create excellent content that’s not simply rehashed from another website. You should also focus on publishing your content on a consistent basis. In most cases, you will want to do this 2 to 3 times a week, as it will encourage users want to return and should help you climb the search engine rankings.

While tagging doesn’t necessarily impact your rankings, it can be good for the user if it’s done accurately and sparingly. If you use a content management system like WordPress, you can simply place some tags in the tag box. Otherwise, most other platforms have some type of tagging system in place that can be utilized.

Include a Sitemap & Social Buttons

In addition, you should take advantage of an HTML sitemap and social media sharing buttons. Both of these are easy to add and can be done by simply installing plugins on a platform like WordPress. A sitemap is beneficial because it helps organize your site for human visitors while simultaneously simplifying the process of indexing content for search engines. Social media sharing buttons are great because they are placed near each post you create and make it convenient for visitors to share your content on major social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

After you create a new website, it can take weeks, even months, to climb to the top of search engine results pages if you don’t optimize your site correctly. However, by incorporating the above SEO strategies into your website design and the content you create, you can give your website a surge in visibility and traffic.

What strategies do you incorporate into your SEO campaign? Do you have advice for beginner SEO’s or start-up companies? Leave your insight in the comments!

Bruno Wong is an Internet Marketing Specialist at ClickMinded, an online search engine optimization training course for startups.


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