Introducing the Social & Search Round Up! Week 1

Hey Braggers! This week we are excited to announce a new feature coming to the BizBrag blog: the weekly Social & Search Round Up! Each week, we’ll scour the web for the best recent SEO and Social Media articles we can find (besides the ones you find right here on the BizBrag blog!) and will compile them into one article to be released each Friday. Here’s our list of this week’s top picks!

“Overcoming the Catch-22 of Investing in Search Without Proof of Success”

By: Nathan Safran

Which comes first, the SEO, or the investment? In this article, Safran provides three steps to overcoming the chicken-and-egg SEO conundrum: How do you get management to invest in SEO, without first showing them proof that it works? And how do you prove that it works, without investing? Read Safran’s three steps to overcoming the SEO catch 22 here.

“Hey Marketers – What if There Was No Google?”

By: Mike Moran

What if there was no Google? No crawlers, no SEO algorithms. What would your marketing campaign look like? That’s the focus of this insightful article. How would you get your message in front of people – and how would you make it matter? Chances are, if there was no SEO, we would still promote our content via our social networks. We might use Twitter, a blog, a YouTube video, or any other means, but if our content wasn’t worth sharing, it wouldn’t get very far. Therefore, a world without SEO is dominated by creating quality content. Now, apply that thinking to SEO, and this article drives home one of our (and the web’s!) most important mantras: Content is King.

“7 Small Business SEO Tips”

By: Adam Stetzer

This article breaks down 7 easy to understand and implement SEO strategies for small business owners. Many small business owners either don’t have the time to commit to learning SEO, don’t have the time to implement it, or both. Therefore, it can sometimes be hard for them to see the value. This article cuts through the clutter and gets to the stuff you really need to know to make SEO understandable and easy.

“Frustrations of Becoming a Serious Twitter User”

By: Mike Fleming

Mike Fleming was surprised by how many marketers make beginner Twitter mistakes, so he decided to document his findings in this interesting read. The most common marketer mistakes? “[Making] your stream look like a real-time Google alert for everything that’s marketing-related,” as well as “[Tweeting] the same tweet multiple times a day, once a day for multiple days or any combination thereof.” Read more Twitter mistakes here.

That’s all for this week’s list of the top search & social articles on the web. Be sure to check back next week for even more interesting reads, and be sure to leave your thoughts in our comments section!

This post was brought to you by Hannah Marr, Content Director for BizBrag, the all-in-one search engine and social media marketing platform, and Editor of the BizBrag SEO and Social Media Blog. When not designing stellar content and learning about SEO for BizBrag, Hannah is an avid cat-sweater-knitter. Just kidding.


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