Basic SEO Tips for New Business Owners

seo-for-new-businessesYour staff has been hired and trained, your marketing materials have been printed, and your website has been designed to your specifications. The next step is getting your business’ name out there and letting people know what exactly you can do for them. The easiest and most successful way to do that is through search engine optimization. While the task may seem daunting to new online business owners who aren’t as familiar with the concept, here are a few easy to do tips and tricks of the trade to help you promote your business online in a highly competitive marketplace.

First off, search engine optimization (SEO), is the way in which businesses get online traffic for free via search engines. The webpages are ranked by the search engines, which derive their rankings based on relevance to online users. The great thing about search engine optimization is it’s free, so by introducing a few basic tricks into your website, you can promote your business without spending a penny.

Basic and Easy SEO Tips:

Stay Away From Flash

Search engines love text and since Flash pages usually involve a lot of imagery and very little text, they do not do not rank well with search engines and as a result, your website will not be found as easily. Plus, with the number of people who now view websites on their mobile phones and tablets, it’s best to stay away from Flash all together: even though it can look great on your PC, it looks much different on these devices, and studies show that in the near future, mobile users could outnumber those who access the internet from their PC.

Create a Blog

It’s a common idea that small business owners don’t blog because they think that no one cares what they have to say. Wrong. Even if you think your business is too small for people to care what you have to say, blogging will increase your online traffic and gain your company more business in the long-term. It also helps establish you and/or your business as an authority in your industry. However, just blogging isn’t good enough. You have to make sure that your blog posts include keywords relevant to your business, that it is updated frequently and includes links to other relevant content. You should also share your blog posts via your social networks to help drive your readership.

Write… A Lot

Google loves text. So, even if your website is image-heavy (which is fine), it’s important to make sure you include relevant text on each page. The relevant text should explain the imagery, explain your business and cover all possible ways someone might search for your business. For example, if your business is a hair salon in Boston, you need to be aware of the fact that people don’t only search, “Boston hair salon” but may also search, “wedding hairdresser in Boston,” when looking for a business. You need to make sure that both options are covered on your website, so that you will be ranked for as many search options as possible. Don’t make the mistake of keyword stuffing however, or including keywords unnaturally and at every possible point on the page. Google now has natural language algorithms that help detect keyword stuffing which is then flagged as spam. Instead, write naturally to avoid being penalized.

While staying on top of your search engine optimization is difficult, it’s one of the easiest and quickest ways to increase traffic to your website. Search engine optimization never really ends, so it’s important to maintain content, include keywords, get your message out on social networks and blogs and monitor your website’s performance through analytics tools. If you don’t know how, it’s best to hire someone that does.

This post was written by Stephanie Lagopoulos on behalf of Beluga Labs, a New York City web design company. We are a group of experienced designers, programmers and SEO experts, with a proven track record and a diverse portfolio.


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One Response to Basic SEO Tips for New Business Owners

  1. Google certainly does love text, and very relevant, natural text. They are focusing on what you have to offer in terms of textual content more than the amount of links nowadays.

    Thank you for a very descriptive and concise SEO article.

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