Social & Search Round Up: Week Two


Hey BragNation! It’s that time of the week again – time for the weekly Social & Search Round Up! We were hard at work this week reading tons of articles on SEO and Social Media to find the articles we felt brought some new & important information to the table. Here are our favorite picks – tell us what you think in the comments!

“E-Mail Marketing and Social Media Strategies for Digital Marketing Success”

By: Chiko Noguchi

In this interesting article from Online Social Media Blog, Noguchi asserts that e-mail has remained relevant despite the newer technology and faster connections of social media because of it’s “diversity and ability to support other channels. Social media happens to be one [channel] it accommodates almost perfectly.” According to Noguchi, e-mail marketers should focus on combining social media and e-mail in order to take full advantage of the opportunity to reach your customers and generate traffic to your social profiles, which ultimately increases your brand’s visibility, strengthens relationships with your customers, and helps build longevity for your business in the long run.

7 Content Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2013

By: Kat Liendgens

When we first say the title of this article, we were instantly hooked. At BizBrag, content marketing is a key part of what we do every day, so it’s always great to see others who feel the same way. In this article, Kat Liendgens, CEO of Hannon Hill, focuses on several trends that will make a big impact on online marketing in the new year. Of her seven, we felt that three really stood out, one being an increase in specialized jobs focused on creating content, such as video producers, infographic specialists, researchers, and bloggers. These roles will become vital in creating content that generates traffic and is shared across the social web, helping to increase the visibility of your business. Another trend we found right on track was the increase in content curation tools and modules. Because people are becoming more and more focused on content, these platforms will be extremely beneficial to marketers. A third trend that Liendgens talks about is COPE: Create Once, Publish Everywhere. This is especially important for marketers to remember, as many people use more than one social network. By publishing on multiple social sites, you also make it easier for a large number of people to find your content.

Don’t Turn Guest Blogging into a Link Exchange

By: Nick Stamoulis

At first glance, the title of this article could throw you off. After all, isn’t the point of guest blogging to cultivate relationships with others, with the mutual benefit of gaining links to improve your SEO efforts? Stamoulis does not reject this theory, but rather cautions against bloggers simply linking to a below-par site for the sake of receiving a link in return. “While link building can (and does) help your site do better in search engines,” Stamoulis says, “…there should be more value there such as driving traffic, industry recognition, and a stronger online brand.” To prevent your guest blogging efforts from turning into a link exchange, Stamoulis offers three tips: Don’t write for just any site, only accept content that will help your readers and brand, and work with writers that you would actually want to endorse.

That wraps up this week’s Social & Search Round Up! What did you think of this week’s picks? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

This post was brought to you by Hannah Marr, Content Director for BizBrag, Inc., an online search engine optimization and social media management platform. She is also the Editor of the BizBrag SEO and Social Media Blog


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