Who Should be Doing the Social Media in Your Organization?

social-mediaSocial media offers incredible opportunities for small businesses. With huge numbers of people using social media networks, there is no denying the sales potential that social media can give you. The problem for many small businesses isn’t whether or not to use social media; the challenge is deciding who is best placed in your business to own your social media presence.

Social media is time consuming, and it is often the case that whilst many small business owners start out with enthusiasm, their efforts soon fall by the wayside because the time it takes to post messages and answer prospects. In the early stages there is little sign of reward for your efforts. The key is to be patient and persistent.

Social Media Options

There are almost 100 different types of social media networks on the web today. Facebook is by far the most popular with almost one billion users, while Twitter and Google+ have 500 million and 400 million users respectively. With around 40% of all social media users connected daily on their smartphones, small businesses would not do well to ignore the social media revolution.

However, business owners are often faced with the dilemma of finding ways to optimize their marketing strategy without using all their resources. Specialist companies offer social media experts to manage your social media accounts on your behalf, but for the majority of small businesses this is not a cost-effective solution. This begs the question:

Who Should Manage Your Social Media?

Customer Services? Sales?  Marketing? They all offer distinct advantages when it comes to managing your social media. Customer Services offer great customer care but may not be great at the upsell, whilst Sales may get you more money but may not be able to expand your customer base as well. The Marketing specialists will more than likely increase your exposure, but it may not look after your current customers as well as other departments.

So why not allow all of the departments to be involved in social media? The simple fact is that, done well, your social media can be your mouth piece for your current and potential customers; therefore you want all three elements involved.

How To Do It

Whilst each department should be involved, this does not mean that everyone should have their hands in. Try to set up some sort of a schedule when it comes to updating your account. Laying out a content schedule will allow your teams to put forward their best ideas and get them implemented.

When it comes to day to day management, assign one or two people from each department to the everyday social media management. The idea is that if each department keeps an eye on the account, then any opportunities that arise will be taken. However, if you want one team to focus on your account then it all depends on what you want your account for. Use whatever team that your social media strategy is more focused around; for example, if your social media strategy is based around providing quality customer service, then your Customer Service team should take charge.

While finding the right people to control your social media is a high priority, giving your brand life and a personality is far more important. Your accounts should reflect what your company is about. If you are a very professional organization then keep it that way, re-tweet quality blogs and industry news. However, if your brand is more relaxed, more inclusive, then reflect that in a more personable account.

Get to Know Your Followers

To make sure you make the most out of your social media campaign, you will need to engage your followers to ensure that your content is being seen and shared. One way to do this is to run competitions that relate to your business in some way. If you offer a reward then more people will be willing to join in, thus increasing your brand awareness amongst the friends of your followers.

Of course, you do not have to limit yourself to Facebook. Of the dozens of social media networks, there are specialized platforms for specific business types. Foursquare for example is ideal for restaurants, whereas travel related businesses should be on TripAdvisor. If you can offers discounts with coupons sign up with Groupon.

There are plenty of opportunities for small businesses to make profits from social media marketing. With a carefully planned strategy and a prepared team, using social media networks to help grow your business is not only manageable, it’s easy and effective.

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This post was written by John Jackson, an Online Marketing specialist who works with the likes of  the Press People and Silverbean


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  1. This article has some really useful insights, but I think the mention of TripAdvisor threw me off because I don’t really see that site as a social media platform. Sure, it has user generated content that helps build the credibility of a company.

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