Will Google+ Be The Next Complete Social Recruiting Tool?

google_plusGoogle+, the social network by the search engine giant Google, has been growing at a rapid pace since it’s initial launch in the summer of 2011. With over 400 million registered users and 100 million of those users being active, the network can no longer be ignored as a sad runner up to Facebook.

While some hear the words “social network” and think about sharing photos and status updates, Google+ is far more than a peek into someone’s online life. The network can be used for the typical social activities, but it also has the potential to provide great returns to both job recruiters, as well as professionals who find their way into the right “circles”.

Google+ Features And How They Affect Social Recruitment

Finding a job is difficult. As a recruiter, finding qualified applicants to fill those jobs can be even more difficult. Google+ has two features that make a recruiter’s job easier, which obviously will benefit professionals looking to change or advance their careers.

The first feature is the most widely seen and used feature is known as “Circles.” On Facebook, just about everyone in your friends list can see your posts. On Google+, you can segment your contacts and friends to put them into relevant circles. When you make a post, you can choose which circle sees it.

How Recruiters Can Use Circles

Circles allow a recruiter to do keyword research relevant to the job they need to fill, narrow the results down by location, and then add the most attractive potential candidates into a specific circle. When an important event comes about, they can send an update to this targeted group, making sure their most attractive candidates have a chance to see it.

The second feature is what is called a “Hangout.” A Google+ Hangout is a teleconference of sorts that lets up to ten people take part in the discussion, while also broadcasting that discussion to a global audience.

How Recruiters Can Use Hangouts

Recruiters may record these hangouts to show perks of the job, discuss job requirements and any other information that may communicate helpful and interesting information to prospective candidates. By using Google+ Hangouts, recruiters allow themselves to build a relationship with the applicants. This in turn can create a positive effect for a recruiting agency, showing that they are willing to try new things and go the extra mile to learn as much as they can about a candidate in order to place them in the best fitting job.

How Users Can Help Themselves Get More Exposure To Recruiters

For applicants, the best way to gain exposure is to fill out your profile as completely as you can. Use relevant keywords to explain the work you do and the skills you have. Add educational and past work history, if appropriate, to fill your profile and increase your chances of being found.

Filling out your circles and engaging regularly can also be a significant benefit to getting in front of recruiters using Google+ to find job talent.

help-wantedSocial Networking Is A Must For Job Seekers

Job fairs and other networking events are still important for job seekers to attend. However, with the rise of social media and the active engagement that can be had on a regular, day to day basis, anyone looking to advance their career needs to get active online.

Google+, with its features and rapidly growing user base, is a great way to do this.

What do you think about the rising popularity of Google+? Have you used Google+ or social media to find a job or qualified candidate? Let us know your experiences in the comments!

This article was written by Dave Jones on behalf of BCL Legal. Dave Jones has worked in recruitment for the past 12 years and he has more recently become a freelance journalist. He combines his experience in recruitment with his love for social technology to provide articles on social recruitment.


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