Top 5 SEO & Content Tips for Your Blast-Off Braggit Challenge Submission

seo-boost (1)Hey Braggers – the New Year is underway, and here at BizBrag we’re proud to see  our clients’ online marketing efforts get off to a great start in 2013! To make the most of your 2013 online marketing, be sure to check out the BizBrag Blast-Off Braggit Challenge – the challenge where you create an award-worthy Braggit for a chance to enter the Ultimate Marketing Prize Pack!

Here are some tips from our expert Content & SEO team that you can use to optimize your Braggit to it’s fullest potential and create and engaging, fun piece of content for your audience!

  • Utilize your Call-to-Action: The Call-to-Action button is located in the bottom left hand-corner of your Braggit; it’s the best place to put the link where you want to direct your audience, because BizBrag’s built-in SEO technology will help pass on valuable “Google Juice” to this link. Be sure that you’re linking to the page that is most relevant to the content found in the body of your Braggit, as this will help search engine bots determine what your Braggit and link are.
  • Don’t Stuff Your Keywords: By now, keyword stuffing is a big SEO no-no. Google bots have a natural language algorithm that allows them to pick up on content that has too many keywords. This is considered spam and your content could be penalized. To avoid being penalized for over-using keywords, simply write naturally and for your audience, rather than the search engine bots.
  • Localize Your Content: Include your location in the headline and a few times in the body of your Braggit; this will optimize your content for your local audience while also making it easier for your Braggit to rank in a search.
  • Include Modules: Utilize BizBrag’s image, video, gallery, and leads modules, in order to create a more aesthetically pleasing, easy to consume Braggit. By using our modules you’ll make your content more shareable and engaging, which will draw in more readers and is especially important for a Braggit that you send to your social accounts.
  • Make it Valuable: While your Blast-Off Braggit Challenge submission can be about any aspect of your business or industry, the most important thing to do is to offer your audience something of value. If your submission focuses on a product or service, it may be a good idea to provide testimonials or before/after pictures that show audience exactly why people choose to work with you. If a marketing piece is more your goal, provide your audience with valuable information that benefits them without having to purchase anything. This will help you build a relationship with your audience while also establishing you has an authority in your niche.
  • Include Sub-Headings and an Easy-to-Consume Layout: By using the tools available in your Braggit’s text module, you can break down your body content into easy-to-read snippets that your audience can consume quickly. In many cases if a reader has to spend more than a few minutes digesting your content, he or she will move on, so this strategy will help encourage each visitor to consume all the content on the page. By enclosing your sub-headings with < h3 > < /h3 > tags (without the spaces) you can further optimize your text for search engines, as well. To do this, your subheading would look like this: < h3 > Text Here< /h3 > 

These are just a few tips to make your Blast-Off Braggit Challenge submission the best it can be. When you’re done creating your Braggit, be sure to promote in your social networks and send the link to! The BizBrag Team can also be reached at the same address for any questions regarding your entry.

Click here full details, rules, and regulations for the 2013 BizBrag Blast-Off Braggit Challenge!

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