2013 SEO Tips for Small Business Websites

2013-SEO-changesSince Google is looking to provide its users with the best search engine results possible, the search engine giant has had to make several changes to its search engine algorithm in recent years. One of these updates is known around the SEO world as “Panda.” The Google Panda update has forever changed the way webmasters perform SEO for their websites and has probably forced you to take a new approach when performing your own search engine optimization.

Importance of Having Fresh Content

One of the most important aspects of Google’s Panda update is that it rewards websites that have fresh content with higher search engine rankings. Websites that continually post new, relevant and high quality content to their website are viewed by Google to have content that will better serve the interests of their users. To help ensure your website is continually receiving fresh content, you may want to consider placing a blog on your site and updating it a few times a week with high quality, SEO-friendly content.

Social Signals

Another clue Google looks for as a part of its Panda update is social signals that show your website is well received by people on the Internet and has provided them with the type of content they were looking for. If your website has a blog post or image that was shared via Twitter, Facebook or one of the many other social media websites, Google can safely assume that others like what you had posted to your website. Since all of those people enjoyed your content when viewing it on a social media website, Google will assume people searching for keywords related to your website will enjoy reading your content as well if they can find it in the search engines and will give your website a boost in the rankings. Social signals are especially important for Google+ users, who can +1 content that they find valuable. When a user is logged into their Google account while searching, this can have a big impact on their results.

Organic Traffic and Links

While fresh content and improved social signals will help your website move up the search engine rankings when dealing with the Google Panda update, backlinks are still at the heart of SEO and should be the main focus of every webmaster looking to achieve higher rankings. Before the Panda update, you could simply build as many links pointing to your site as possible from just about any source and your website would receive a boost in the rankings. However, nowadays this trick does not work and you must seek out high quality, relevant websites when looking for backlinking opportunities; your focus now should be on link earning, rather than simply building.

If you are able to secure several links from high quality websites that have a good Page Rank, your website will be rewarded in the search engine results with improved rankings. Also, when building your backlinks, it is imperative that you diversify your anchor text. Having a good mixture of your target keyword, variations of your keyword and generic anchor text such as “website,” “click here,” and “visit here” will ensure your website is not hit with an anchor text over optimization penalty.

When developing an SEO strategy for 2013, you will first want to focus on the content of your website. If you start with high quality content, it will be easier for you to obtain the social signals necessary to improve your search engine rankings while simultaneously increasing your chances of having someone else link to your website on their own and providing you with much needed relevant websites. In addition to having interesting and engaging content, you will need to design your website in a way where it is user friendly. This will ensure your visitors are able to find exactly what they are looking for when visiting your website and will be more likely to return in the future.

What tips do you have for competitive SEO in 2013? Have you found success with any new strategies? We’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments!

Ben Sawyer has been an SEO specialist for more than 5 years. He likes to blog and share his knowledge with others. Currently he is an SEO consultant for Paramold.com , an ecommerce website. These Post Panda SEO tips are based on his experience while analyzing this client’s website.

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