Social Media Marketing Trends in 2013

SocialMediaTrends2013Every brand that unveils a product in the market has a ‘follow us’ page on Facebook; every startup that aims to make it big in the industry has a Twitter hashtag. 2012 was a year, where most marketers woke up to learn the ultimate truth, the truth that read ‘Social Media is the future’!

With a majority of the global population preferring to be online than being inline, to connect with their favorite brands and products, online marketers and agencies have finally understood that establishing a presence in social media will be the key strategy to get quick customers and leads.

In 2012, social media witnessed several trends that included the rise of mobile/smartphone marketing, the concept of going viral, integrated social networking websites and the like. It was a year where the entire realm of social media began taking shape. Over the months and weeks, it has adapted, grown, embraced the marketing trends and has reached an undisputable stage, where every electron of any marketing strategy revolves around the nucleus called Social Media. And in 2013, it is going to get better and bigger, predict various marketing pros and strategists. So as a roundup, here are the top social media marketing trends expected to prevail in the year 2013:

Mobile Marketing Will Rule:

This trend has emerged already and has gained a prolific response as well. As a customer or as a marketer; intentionally or unintentionally, we have started showing considerable inclination towards mobile marketing. The best example is the escalating usage of smartphones and mobile applications. Majority of the brands already have their exclusive applications that allow the consumers to further get in touch with their favorite brands. These applications offer updated information about the new products, services, offers, and info on retail stores and much more. Such a convenient option to connect with the brands will continue to lure people in the coming weeks. And as the number of people who switch from conventional cell phones to smartphones increase, we can ascertain that mobile marketing will proportionally gain grounds.

Marketing Platforms May Become Integrated:

In 2012, we used several marketing platforms and elements such as SEO, SMM, B2B and mobile to promote our products. In 2013, there are chances that the brands and the agencies will look to merge the different platforms, and opt for an integrated marketing strategy. Such a move may assist the marketers to convey a single message across different platforms and market segments.

Local Search Will Get the Deserved Attention

The focus to attract the local market and take products to the common masses may evolve in the future, which is 2013. With companies like Google, Yelp and Foursquare giving priority to local searches through their mapping services, places and local searches, marketers in 2013 will look further to capitalize on this and put in their best efforts to acquire and retain local customers.

Analytics May Become Wiser

There are hundreds of online marketing trends emerging every day, but if they fail to serve the ultimate purpose of delivering the required ROI, the entire purpose of using social media for business may witness a collapse. So, it is expected that as marketing trends become diverse, the analytics which play a vital role in measuring the performances too, will become advanced and give diverse information about the marketing efforts, outputs and yields.

Apart from this, 2013 may witness a considerable rise in the deployment of Big Data, mobile payments and augmented reality. And not to forget that ‘Content’ will continue to be the emperor in marketing campaigns. So let’s capitalize on the prevailing trends alongside embracing the emerging ones to take our brand and business to whole new heights in 2013.

What did you think of today’s BizBrag Blog Post? Do you expect other trends to make an impact in 2013? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Social media marketing is a simple way to get going online. The key to the success of your ventures is consistency. Show up regularly and often. Let people know that they can rely on you, your services and advice.

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