How to Produce Smart Content for Small Businesses

smart-contentYour small business website deserves more content than just a few pages of generic blurbs. If you want to inspire and excite your customers, you need to provide content that is unique and offers relevant information that engages your readers. By featuring smart content on your site, you’ll attract fresh attention to your company. Here are a few strategies that you can employ that will not only engage your audience, but boost your SEO as well! Let us know what you think of these strategies in the comments, and feel free to add some of your own, as well!

Embrace a Personal Style

Generic website content offers little to your customers. If you want to connect and relate to your customers, you need to inject some of your own personality into your content. If you’re a naturally funny person, don’t hide your humor behind dry business jargon. Share amusing anecdotes about your products or a funny story about the history of your company. You can also use a blog to share fascinating vignettes about your company. By using your own voice in your content, your customers will recognize that you want to forge a personal connection with them.

Accurate Information with Stunning Presentation

Filling your small business site with relevant and intelligent information without proper presentation may not help you draw new visitors to your site. The visual presentation of information plays a large role in how your content is received by your viewers. Attractive graphics and an eye-catching design will demonstrate your professionalism and your attention to detail. In addition, you should focus on using high-quality images and videos that directly relate to your business. For example, if you run a pet store, include copious photographs of your furry friends.

Share It Fast

Building smart content is a useless endeavor if no one ever sees your site. Learn to use social media networks to let your customers know about recent additions to your site instantly. In addition, you can use these networks to create conversations about your content. Don’t be afraid to try a few new social networking sites, including Pinterest. With Pinterest, you can share your visually striking content with thousands of users.

Constant Evaluations

After adding smart content to your site, you must constantly refine your approach after evaluating your successes and failures. By keeping track of your website’s analytics with a free tool such as Google Analytics, you can quickly discover the results of your hard work. If a particular page isn’t pulling in any extra traffic, you may need to revise your strategy. Always consult your referrals to determine how visitors are arriving at your site. Use popular keywords to drive traffic to each new page that you add to your website.

Don’t settle for bland content when building your website. If you want your business to succeed, invest the time to create smart content for your website!

Lauren Leighton writes on behalf of DexOne who provides local marketing solutions for your business.


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