Finding the Right Social Platforms for Your Business

social-media-confusion1Building a presence a social media network can be time-consuming, but ultimately it can be very beneficial for your business. Entering the world of social media can be very overwhelming. What started off as purely a way for users to interact with other users has quickly become an outlet for businesses to connect with current and potential clients and customers. With so many different social media networks available, many companies are wondering which, if not all, networks they need to be active on. What you might not realize is that some businesses thrive on some networks where other businesses do not. One business may see great results from Pinterest, while another might see better results from Twitter. Knowing which social media to pursue is very important to the growth and success of your company.

Where are your clients and customers?

Before you dive in, it is absolutely crucial to understand and study where your current and potential customers are hanging out. Truly look at what you know about your customers to see what social media channels they are using. It’s also good practice to monitor social mentions of your products, services, competitors and top keywords by setting up Google Alerts to get a better picture of where your audience is.

Where do you want to be?

When choosing what networks you would like to pursue, think long and hard about which networks you think will be the most effective. As an example, if you don’t offer a product or service that is visually appealing, you might not see as much ROI using Pinterest. Just like if you don’t have a great deal of news and updates to report, Twitter might not be for you.  Whether you find home on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn or a combination of platforms, commit yourself to them!

How can it help?

Not only can it help with online search signals, it can help with customer interaction, marketing and increasing brand presence. All of those things together can lead to more business. Having a presence on social networks can help you build an online community of engaged customers who are interested in what you have to offer. Once you find that group, be sure you are consistently interacting with them. Answer questions. Provide content.

One of the worst things that can happen during this process of getting started on a social media network is that you create your page and establish your presence, and then you disappear. Social media networks are one of the best places to find new, loyal customers if you are committed to spending time on them. Get out there and start talking to your audience, they are waiting!

This guest blog post was written by Full Media, a website design and SEO Company in Atlanta. We specialize in pay per click management and offer a high level of expertise to organizations of all kinds, regardless of size or industry.


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2 Responses to Finding the Right Social Platforms for Your Business

  1. As I am growing a brand on the side, I really need to stay consistent with its social media. I feel like social media is so essential in developing a business holistically.

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