3 Ways Twitter Can Actually Benefit Your Small Business

twitter-small-businessWith more than 500 million registered users, Twitter is changing the way we communicate – and the way we do business. It makes sharing news, opinions and ideas infinitely easier, allowing users to update from virtually anywhere in the world in real time. But while most business owners have heard of Twitter and the power it holds (heck, who hasn’t?) many struggle with how to make it valuable to their own business model.

The truth is, Twitter can have different benefits for every business. Depending on what industry you’re in, what products and services you offer and what your customer base is like, the uses and advantages of Twitter as a business tool could vary greatly. There are three benefits, however, that stand true no matter what line of work you’re in.

Twitter allows you to nurture existing customer relationships.

At its most basic, Twitter is a social media tool. As a business, that means you can use it to socialize with and engage your existing customers, and make sure you keep them around for the long haul. Use it to post company news and updates, share special deals and promotions, and deliver valuable insight and information to your followers.

Interact directly and one-on-one with your customers, and break down those walls that typically separate customer from company. You’re no longer just some faceless entity; you’re human, with a personality and voice. This makes you more relatable, allowing them to feel more at one with your business and instilling in them a great sense of brand loyalty. Both of which will keep them coming back for your products and services time and time again, as well as encourage them to recommend you to friends, family and colleagues.

Twitter enables you to provide great customer service.

Because Twitter is so accessible, breaking down those walls between company and customer, it makes for an extremely valuable customer service tool. Customers can ask you questions, voice concerns and file complaints easily and directly. Then, your team can respond directly to the customer, providing one-on-one service and attention – something that’s pretty unparalleled in the modern business world.

Additionally, you can respond to questions and complaints publicly, using the RT (retweet) function. This allows for a sense of transparency, letting other customers see that you’re dedicated to providing great service and allowing them to benefit from the information you provide. To really make sure you’re using Twitter to its full potential, be sure to assign a customer service rep to field questions and complaints via the account.

Twitter helps you increase your website traffic.

Twitter makes for an amazing cross-promotional tool. You can use it to share links to your website, specials, blog post, Facebook account and any other online content you have. This helps increase the number of links out there (SEO power!), and gives your content more exposure overall.

Be diligent in including hashtags with your Tweets, too. These unique little tags are searchable, and can help Twitter users who aren’t even your followers locate and click on your content.

Eric Stauffer is a marketing professional that specializes in SEO and content development. He currently is working with a review company that helps small businesses by reviewing companies like Integrated Card Service and Harbortouch.


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