Essential SEO Strategies for Your eCommerce Website

eCommerce-SEO-TipsOptimizing your eCommerce website requires lot of effort as it is different and difficult when compared to other types of websites such as blogs, directories and forums. SEO is an important tool that helps you popularize your eCommerce website for both new and established brands. Any organization can benefit from search engine optimization to help spread the word about the company, its products, services, offers and a variety of other useful information.

Importance of SEO for your eCommerce Website:

  • Helps to disseminate information about your company, new product launches, services and more.
  • Increases the organization’s popularity among users
  • Can reach other geographical locations very easily.
  • It helps find new customers and retain existing ones

Although there are no one-size-fits-all SEO strategies for eCommerce websites available, there certainly are a few sure-shot methods to help optimize your eCommerce site effectively:

Understanding users:

The cardinal rule of successful search engine optimization for eCommerce sites is to understand users. Understanding the needs of your users will help you go a long way in developing successful products and also in designing a user-friendly website.

Unique and Original Content:

The backbone of any successful SEO campaign is content. Well researched content that gives information in an easy-to-understand manner helps your eCommerce interests. Unique and quality content help you score brownie points with Google.

Meta Description and Meta titles:

Make sure you give useful overview of your page in Meta Descriptions. Since titles are almost always the first thing Google or users look at, it is important to include keywords in Meta titles.

Optimize Keywords:

Make sure you assign a specific keyword for title and Meta description of each landing page. Almost everyone searches for your site with a set of keywords, so it becomes more important to incorporate popular keywords related to your product in your site. Just make sure it appears as naturally as possible.

Product Descriptions:

This is unique to eCommerce sites as the success of your eCommerce site depends a lot on the product descriptions provided. Make sure that the descriptions contain effective keywords with a short description of the product.

Don’t stuff too many keywords

Make sure you don’t stuff too many keywords in a single page as Google frowns on those who use black hat SEO techniques.

Say ‘No’ to broken links:

Not having broken links may not help your Google rating but having broken links will certainly take away some of the sheen.

Content should be fresh and updated:

Needless to say, the content on your site should be updated, relevant and fresh.

Pay attention to internal linking:

Not paying enough attention to internal linking will make your website look unprofessional. Make sure that you direct the link to the relevant page, make use of proper anchor texts while linking. Proper internal and external linking is essential to the overall image of your eCommerce site.

Include user reviews on product pages:

User reviews are perhaps the best form of advertising. User reviews can help other visitors get the right about your product and services.

Add a search feature:

It is important to add the ‘Search’ feature in your eCommerce site to help users get a good shopping experience. Make sure to show other similar products as well to increase the interest of visitors.

Video product reviews:

Pictures and videos can convey an idea more easily when compared with words. Videos are powerful tools for showing the different ways in which a product can be used. When visitors to your site look at the product reviews and video reviews, it makes them get first-hand information on the product and its features.

Payment solutions:

Having a good payment solution on your eCommerce site is very important as people are going to purchase products from your site. These days more and more people are adding products to their online shopping cart and hitting the ‘Pay Now’ button. So, it becomes important to have a reliable payment solution on your site.

While it is true that there are hundreds and hundreds of eCommerce websites in the market, implementing effective and consistent SEO strategies on your eCommerce site can help you rank high on Google search results, and therefore put your business in a better position to make sales and build relationships with consumers.

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3 Responses to Essential SEO Strategies for Your eCommerce Website

  1. I think it’s really important to set realistic goals for your website’s content. Don’t start off generating new content every day and then get tired of it and do nothing for six months. You need to be consistent about it, try once or twice a month until you become used to the frequency before increasing your goal. The worst thing you can do is be a flash in the pan content producer!

  2. Excellent Checklist for seo process. It is really informative article for the beginners of SEO.

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