Why is Blog Reading Great for SEO?

Blog Quote Bubble No doubt, you already know that producing blogs on a regular basis is an excellent way to boost your search results.  Did you realize, however, that reading blogs is actually just as effective when it comes to helping you climb those important search results?

Unfortunately, there is yet to be a program or application developed that automatically logs that you are reading something and then gives your site a search boost because of it. Still, anyone who does any sort of writing for a living will tell you that they become masters of their craft by reading a lot. In fact, the very best writers probably read a hell of a lot more than they write.

So why is reading blogs from your own industry or niche a great way to help boost your own rankings?

Planting the Seed

Why else do writers spend so much time reading?

If they didn’t read so much, even the most creative of minds would struggle to come up with ideas and things to write about. The bedrock of an online marketing campaign is content, after all.

Read a selection of blogs, articles, and other content; your mind will soon be awash with new ideas or ways you can put a fresh slant on a topic you seem to write about all of the time.

Blog Commenting

Commenting on blogs is worthwhile for a number of reasons.

The first is that when you comment, and what you say is approved, the link you typed into the URL box becomes a link back to your site. You have just aided your link building campaign without doing anything other than reading something that you will probably find beneficial in other ways, too.

Even if the link becomes a ‘no follow’ link, people will still see the site name and perhaps be inspired to pay your site a visit. Of course, that will be dependent on the quality of your comment. No one is going to follow something that makes them say “meh,” so ensure you treat a blog comment as you would any other piece of content bearing your name.

The second big benefit is the opportunity of building a relationship with the blogger. Not only will you build a relationship through your comments, the quality of your contributions and of your own site – which they will inevitably visit – is likely to lead to guest blogging opportunities for yourself. Then, of course, you have the opportunity often for another link, and at the very least to talk to a new audience who is interested in your industry.

Keyword Research

Is your SEO campaign floundering because you are struggling to find the best keywords to target?

If this is the case, reading a high-ranking blog could be the answer to your troubles.

Look at the blog title and ask does anything stand out? Read the blog post and analyse whether keywords from the title are repeated. All of a sudden, you realise that you searched that very same keyword to get here, and know to target it yourself.

Whether it is improving writing, building relationships, or for the primary purpose of giving your own SEO a boost, make blog writing a part of your life.

This guest post was written by Robert at Bright Local who specialise in Local SEO tools including an SEO ranking tool.


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2 Responses to Why is Blog Reading Great for SEO?

  1. An excellent angle on blogging — thanks for sharing it.

  2. Sarah Hiatt says:

    I never thought of commenting as link building. Interesting thought.

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