Making Social Media Effective for YOUR Business


Blogging and Social Media Marketing can be powerful tools, but should every business be using them?

Many small businesses employ a technique which I refer to as ‘Social for the sake of social’;’ this term references people and businesses which use social media because they feel as though they should be, but without any real strategic direction.

This can be a drain on time and resources and may actually water down your brand and weaken your brand message. But how do we decide?

This is a question which can only really be answered by yourself, but below are a few ideas and suggestions which may help you make up your mind.

Your main competitors are doing it.

This could suggest that within your industry social activities are paying dividends. How does it appear to be working for your competitors? Do they have a strong follower base? It may be time to follow suit! On the other hand, if your competitors are tweeting useful content on a regular basis and haven’t generated any meaningful relationships with potential clients, then perhaps social marketing is not applicable for your industry.

A blog showcases your products and your expertise.

A blog article, when written well, can perform as well as any sales brochure when a call-to-action is included. Beyond this, it offers an opportunity for you to show your potential clients that you have an in-depth and profound understanding of the industry and their needs. Fresh, relevant content is also important in terms of SEO; but do you have the time (not to mention writing ability) to keep the blog up to date? There’s nothing more disconcerting to a client than a blog without any recent entries, but a regularly updated blog shared out across appropriate social media channels can send all the right signals!

Where are your clients looking for information?

If your company supplies high-end technology based products, then chances are your clientele are going to be fairly active within the digital space. They may wish to engage with you on Twitter to ask questions about products or services, they may check your Facebook page for feedback, they may even look you up on LinkedIn; in which case your social profiles need to be complete, up to date and regularly monitored.

In today’s digital age, businesses are becoming more connected to their customers than ever before. Chances are, social media is applicable to your business, you just need to find the right strategy and outlet that will work for you. By paying attention to how others in your field are utilizing social media, and by providing quality content that is of value to your target audience, you may find that social media is the most effective form of marketing for your business.

This post was brought to you by Patrick O’Neill. Patrick writes about Digital Marketing; specializing specifically in SEO and Content Marketing.  Keep in touch by reading his digital marketing blog.


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