Why Mobile is the Future of Search

why mobile is the future of searchPeople still tend to think of SEO as referring to searches done on a computer. Mobile searches, however, are becoming more and more common. In the near future, in fact, mobile searches will overtake computer searches. That’s why mobile SEO must be considered when you think about ways to optimize your site.

What is mobile SEO?

Google and other search engines are starting to pay attention to the fact that a high percentage of internet users are on mobile devices. Many websites are not mobile friendly, meaning they cannot be easily viewed from a mobile phone or tablet. What does this have to do with SEO?

Google has publicly stated that it will soon penalize websites in the mobile searches if they are not mobile friendly. This is an important development, because it shows that the search engine giant is officially discussing the existence of a separate type of SEO for mobile sites.

This is both a challenge and an opportunity for website owners who are trying to improve or maintain their search engine rankings.

The Connection between Local and Mobile SEO

There is a close connection between mobile and local SEO. Why? When people search for something on their phone, relevant ads will pop up for that specific location.

For example, if people are driving around looking for a certain type of business, such as a restaurant, florist, pet supply store or anything else, stores in that area will likely pop up, delivering the best results to the searcher. This is why mobile searches are often local searches.

Tips for Improving Mobile SEO

Given these facts, what can you do to optimize your website for mobile users and mobile search engine listings?

First of all, make sure your site is mobile friendly. There are a couple of ways to ensure this. You could have a separate mobile site built. This ensures that your site will be accessible to mobile users. The other option is to use a responsive design on your website. This is a design that adjusts the content to fit the screen, so all users can see the site equally well.

If you have a different URL for a mobile friendly page, make sure that you have a redirect process in place in case people land on your desktop page by mistake. You want them to be redirected to the right page and not reach an error page. The latter will not only cost you visitors, it may cause you to be penalized by the search engines.

As we have seen, mobile SEO is closely related to local searches. For this reason, physical businesses, or any websites that want to rank locally should make sure they consider this when they choose keywords. Make sure your content contains the name of your city or region as well as the type of business or site.

Local businesses can also optimize their sites for Yahoo! Local, Google+ and Bing Local to make it easier to get ranked in the local listings.

Keeping Up With Mobile SEO

The field of mobile SEO is still quite new, and we are sure to see further changes and developments. It’s crucial that businesses and online marketers keep up with these trends. one thing that is certain is that mobile SEO is going to become increasingly important when it comes to the way websites are ranked.

Derek Whitney is blogging for Jersey SEO, a search engine optimization company located in northern New Jersey. When Derek is not blogging about SEO or the dreaded Google updates, he enjoys working out and relaxing with his girlfriend.


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