How Facebook Graph Search Will Impact Your Business


Search engines have always used algorithms to categorize data. Unfortunately, people don’t use algorithms to search for things – they use simple words and phrases. This has led to more intuitive search engines like Facebook Graph Search.

Graph Search is similar to other search engines, but it focuses on the careers, interests and activities of Facebook users. The search query can be as broad or specific as needed, but each search generates lots of results. Graph Search also presents a great way to combine SEO, local and social marketing. Read on to see how this latest tool could impact your business.

Greater Visibility

Some businesses create a Facebook page and then do very little to optimize it. That’s never a wise move, but even less so now that Graph Search could put your page in front of thousands of searchers on Facebook.

If anyone has ever liked your page, it may show up in one or more searches. Once people see a page that lacks content or key elements like a profile picture, they don’t bother coming back. Graph Search could increase your visibility, and this in turn will cause you to pay more attention to what you post on Facebook.

More Targeted Marketing

A specialized organization like 12 Keys Rehab relies on local SEO to attract business. However, it can be tough to decide whether to focus on your town, metro area or region. Graph Search automatically lists results by proximity, making local marketing easier.

Enter a generic phrase like “restaurants” and you’ll find dozens of places close to you. This is great when you’re trying to reach out to nearby residents. It also helps people planning a trip to your area. Anyone searching for businesses near you will find your page, and the exposure could lead them to look you up whenever they’re in town.

Better Word of Mouth

How many times have you asked friends to recommend a great dentist in the area? Have they ever asked you? With Graph Search and a sufficient number of likes, potential customers could find you without ever reaching their networks.

Before Graph Search, you had to find new ways to find new leads. Offering incentives to customer referrals was a big part of that. Graph Search makes this step easier, because your customers don’t have to do anything other than like your page. Now, they can bring you a whole bunch of new leads without having to go out of their way to do it.

A Renewed Focus on Content

Enabling leads to find your page is only the first step. Once they decide to visit, they need a good reason to stay. Offering valuable content such as infographics, tips, and videos on your page is the key to bringing in more visitors and attracting more likes.

Follow the same content rules you do with any other strategy. Include a healthy mix of special offers, status updates, news stories and other content relevant to followers. The resulting likes and chatter will make the rest of your Facebook strategy even more effective.

Time will tell what Graph Search does for businesses on Facebook. Now that it’s here, though, treat it like the valuable marketing tool it is.

Scott Huntington is a writer, reporter, blogger, and social media guru. He currently lives in PA and with his wife and son. Follow Scott at @SMHuntington




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