3 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Business Blog

PrintThese days it seems that everyone and their mother has a blog. Gone are the days when a blog was relegated to the stay at home moms and angsty teenagers. The business world has now jumped on the blogging bandwagon and the momentum doesn’t appear to waning anytime soon.

So what does this mean for you and your business? Well, that depends on your business, but for most, it means starting a blog is a strategic move to give your company a competitive edge. 

Unfortunately, in spite of all the information out there, too many business blogs are misguided and ill-formed. If you want to take advantage of the most a blog can offer you and your company, check out these 3 common mistakes you should avoid when starting out.

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Why is Blog Reading Great for SEO?

Blog Quote Bubble No doubt, you already know that producing blogs on a regular basis is an excellent way to boost your search results.  Did you realize, however, that reading blogs is actually just as effective when it comes to helping you climb those important search results?

Unfortunately, there is yet to be a program or application developed that automatically logs that you are reading something and then gives your site a search boost because of it. Still, anyone who does any sort of writing for a living will tell you that they become masters of their craft by reading a lot. In fact, the very best writers probably read a hell of a lot more than they write.

So why is reading blogs from your own industry or niche a great way to help boost your own rankings?

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6 Effective Tips on Keeping Blog Readers Engaged in 2013

2013blogWith so many blogs on the internet, it can be difficult to keep the attention of subscribers or even bring new viewers into the fold. The tendencies of an audience to wander can be overcome by keeping your blog fresh and interesting to read. A good blog will entertain and inform subscribers in a way that will have them coming back for more. Also, many SEO’s and online marketers believe that content marketing, or the practice of regularly creating and distributing high-quality, interesting, and engaging content for the benefit of readers, will become even more important in 2013. Blogs are a great way to practice content marketing, and blogs that consistently publish high-quality, well-written content will most likely see more success than poorly written, thin blogs that do not provide value to the reader.

Here are a few tips to help you maintain a successful and active blog, giving you the chance to spread your message in 2013!

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3 Reasons Your Business Website Needs a Blog

blogSmall business owners and entrepreneurs might find certain social media platforms redundant or unnecessary for their business, but a company blog is almost always an effective marketing strategy. Despite the time and effort that goes into setting up the blog and consistently updating content, it allows companies to communicate their mission, increase brand exposure, and facilitate discussions with clients and customers. Read on for three reasons why having a blog is good for business and get started with yours today.

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3 Reasons Your Staff Should Be Contributing to Your Blog

It should already be common knowledge that a business that blogs gets more business. In a Hubspot study that compared over 1500 websites without blogs to websites with blogs, those with a business blog received 55% more site visitors, a staggering 97% more inbound links and 474% more indexed pages. If you’re not convinced, check out the facts for yourself. Business blogging is a simple, and enjoyable way to motivate and energize your employees while simultaneously creating marketing results. Business blogging is also a proven method of improving human resource management – getting staff involved contributes to work ethic, company culture and productivity. If you’re thinking about outsourcing your blog posts, consider your staff. They are knowledgeable, available and motivated – why not encourage them to contribute to your business blog?

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Why Your Blog Needs Widgets

Facebook WidgetPut simply, a widget is an application that can be embedded onto a third party site. If you’ve ever been on a website that has a live feed of Facebook updates or Tweet, that’s a widget. There is a difference, however, between a “web widget” and a “desktop widget.” While a desktop widget is embedded into your computer and does not have any SEO value, a web widget can be used on websites, blogs, even social media profiles, and can have a big impact on your SEO, your backlinks, and your over all website performance. To understand exactly how widgets do this, consider these points:

Drive Traffic

A widget can help drive traffic to just about any website, blog, or social media profile that you wish. Take a look at the right-hand side of our blog. Notice the Facebook, Twitter, and Recent Post widgets? When someone finds the BizBrag blog through a search, they not only receive the valuable information contained within the post, they are directed to places that they know potentially hold more relevant information that may be of interest to them, and by giving your audience access to these areas, they are likely to visit. If these links were not there, we would not be able to grow our social audience and build relationships with our followers.

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Live Blogging Best Practices

If you’re arranging an exhibition or event, or even if you’re just attending one as an exhibitor, you want as many people to know about this as possible, so that you can get the most out of the day. No doubt beforehand, you’ll be trying to get the word out on your social media channels, through blog posts, perhaps even a microsite, and through your email marketing and so on, but you should also know that this shouldn’t stop on the day of the event.

Live blogging is the perfect strategy to employ during your event to keep those not in attendance connected to the event, and to engage those who are connected with your social media and internet presence.

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