Essential SEO Strategies for Your eCommerce Website

eCommerce-SEO-TipsOptimizing your eCommerce website requires lot of effort as it is different and difficult when compared to other types of websites such as blogs, directories and forums. SEO is an important tool that helps you popularize your eCommerce website for both new and established brands. Any organization can benefit from search engine optimization to help spread the word about the company, its products, services, offers and a variety of other useful information.

Importance of SEO for your eCommerce Website:

  • Helps to disseminate information about your company, new product launches, services and more.
  • Increases the organization’s popularity among users
  • Can reach other geographical locations very easily.
  • It helps find new customers and retain existing ones

Although there are no one-size-fits-all SEO strategies for eCommerce websites available, there certainly are a few sure-shot methods to help optimize your eCommerce site effectively:

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The Tablet Shopper Revolution

Did you know that as many as 60 million Americans are forecast to have a tablet by the end of 2012? If your e-commerce business is not catering to tablet shoppers, you are losing out on a huge share of the market right now.

Some companies are electing not to make mobile sites or sites optimized for those using tablets, either because they feel tablets are a passing phase, that people on tablets are looking to play around, not shop, or they just do not want to put out the money to have their website optimized for that market. However, the businesses that are doing this are losing money. And they aren’t losing small amounts of money; we are talking big money.

The infographic below is a must read for all e-commerce businesses that are thinking about or have dismissed the idea of launching a mobile site. After all, studies have shown that those who purchase items from a tablet spend 20 percent more than those who purchase on a desktop computer. Could your business use a 20 percent sales increase? Read more of this post

Why Small-to-Medium Sized Enterprises Need to Have a Mobile Presence

The internet is a part of everyday life for billions of people worldwide. Because of that, most small to medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) are already online, using websites, blogs and social media profiles to interact with their customers.

However, many smaller businesses have so far overlooked the importance of creating a specific mobile web presence instead of leaving mobile customers struggling with the main site.

As more people use the internet on mobile phones and tablet computers – and more people use their handsets to buy things online – a mobile web presence is not so much of a luxury, but more of a necessity for SME’s in all kinds of industries. Here’s why: Read more of this post

Top 4 SEO Tips for an E-commerce Website

When it comes to the development of your e-commerce website design, it is important
to consider a few very important SEO tips that can help your website gain higher ranking in the search engine directory. With the launch of many new websites on the internet, competition to get your website among the top results is becoming more difficult. In order to get higher visibility in the search engine results, several search engine optimization techniques need to be utilized properly. SEO techniques are even more important for an e-commerce website, as it sells products, making the highest amount of traffic to the site the number one priority. In this article, you will be able to review some of the most important and functional SEO strategies. Read more of this post

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