Keeping the Social in Social Media

Social media networks like Facebook and Twitter have evolved tremendously in recent years. These online communities have developed from simple networking websites for high school and college students into essential business marketing tools. It is no longer a novelty to actively engage in social media as a business, and in fact those who remain unwilling to do so will soon find themselves woefully behind.

And yet this revelation is old news; social media has arrived and is here to stay. Even the largest companies, who previously saw no benefits from using these free services, are spending millions of dollars each year to develop the effective social media marketing strategies. To date, this process is still ongoing, and as more legitimate research and analysis is performed, the methods for maximization will be uncovered.

In the search for these methods, necessary pillars have already emerged. These pillars are non negotiable; for a company to find any success, from the largest multinational corporation to the smallest one man operation, these steps must be mastered. Read more of this post


Top 5 Organizational Tools for Your Business

When it comes to organizing your business, you have to learn by trial and error. Some web-based programs, apps and software will work great for your business to help you organize your thoughts, collaborate with others, and communicate with anyone in any place at any time. Others seem like a waste of time and money – we know your to-do list looks nothing like the one above, and you can’t afford to spend time testing out tools only to find that they are the best fit. Knowing what has been helpful to others in the business world can help you decide which tools to try first. To help you out, we’ve created a list of the top 5 organizational tools for your business. With these helpful programs, you’ll be able to increase productivity and stay organized for every project. Read more of this post

6 Techniques to Step Up Your LinkedIn Business Presence

Customers across the globe are searching for you online, right now, in real time. Are you ready to get real results?

Marketing your business online is much more than just throwing out your name and telling people what you do. In today’s ever-changing, technologically-advanced society, a dominating online presence is key to business performance.

LinkedIn offers a different social landscape than other networks in that those who are participating are usually professionals, business owners, etc and are looking to build relationships with business connections and share content pertaining to their job and industry. This means that those who you are connected to are most likely connected to others in your industry, and you have the potential to connect with people who can share your content to those who they know are interested.

With the following tips, you can begin growing your business’s LinkedIn presence and build relationships that will grow your social reach, search potential, and help you reach your business goals. Read more of this post

The BragForce: How to Utilize Our Social Network to Grow Your Social Reach

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As a member of BizBrag, you have access to one of the most unique social networking opportunities on the web: the BragForce. The BragForce is BizBrag’s very own social network, and there is nothing else like it on any other social media management platform. Utilizing the BragForce can help you grow your social reach exponentially, while also helping you to find interesting, relevant content that you can share with your customers.

When you use your BragForce, you can connect with other businesses in your area, or complimentary businesses in your industry. The best connections to make in the BragForce are other businesses of similar size to yours, whose social connections are potential customers of yours. After you create your Braggits, you can then share them with the businesses in your BragForce, who can then post them to their social networks. This opens up your content to hundreds of potential new customers, who will then become familiar with your business, and can like your Facebook page, follow your Twitter account, and so on. Also, because they are finding your business from another company that they already know and trust, they will have a positive outlook on your business from the beginning. Read more of this post

What is a Braggit? An Introduction to Our Powerful Social Tool

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What is a Braggit? You’re looking at one! A Braggit is a simple, stand alone web page designed by you, the small business owner, and distributed to social networks and search engines across the web. Braggits are created in three easy steps:

  • Type what you want the Braggit to say.
  • Pick where you want the Braggit to go.
  • Click to send the Braggit now or at a later date.

It really is that simple! What’s even better, is that Braggits show up both on search engines and can be sent to all your social networks and blogging platforms, including: Read more of this post

Increase Your Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, and LinkedIn Connections with BizBrag

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It’s now easier than ever to connect with your BragForce, and increase your Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, and LinkedIn Connections.

BizBrag has added a new Social Connections page under the BragForce Members tab that allows you to connect with all of your BragForce member’s social profiles with one click, and encourages them to do so in return!

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