Infographic Shows Small Businesses Should Not Ignore Power of Social Media

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A new infographic by Placester shows that it is unwise for small businesses to ignore the power of social media marketing. We at BizBrag have been encouraging our friends and customers to leverage the power of social media for their small businesses for years, but it is now more important than ever.

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Making Social Media Effective for YOUR Business


Blogging and Social Media Marketing can be powerful tools, but should every business be using them?

Many small businesses employ a technique which I refer to as ‘Social for the sake of social’;’ this term references people and businesses which use social media because they feel as though they should be, but without any real strategic direction.

This can be a drain on time and resources and may actually water down your brand and weaken your brand message. But how do we decide?

This is a question which can only really be answered by yourself, but below are a few ideas and suggestions which may help you make up your mind.

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Throwback Thursday: Social Media Marketing Trends in 2013

throwback-thursdayBelieve it or not, 2013 is almost half-way through, so we thought now would be a good time to revisit the article, ‘Social Media Marketing Trends in 2013‘ for this week’s Throwback Thursday blog post.

Social media marketing really took off in 2012, so it was interesting to think about what strategies would be most important coming in to 2013. Check out the article and see how the predictions have held up so far in 2013.

Monthly Braggit Round-Up, March 2013: Out Like a Lion

It’s been a fast month indeed, and now the BizBrag Team is heading out of March on a strong note. Be sure to check out our Monthly Braggit Round-Up to see some of the most popular Braggits of the month, featuring Moran Family of Brands, Posh Salon & Spa Pensacola, Milex Complete Auto Care of Frederick, MD, Express Employment Professionals, and more.

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How To Grab Your Target Audience’s Attention and Influence Social Sharing

target-audience-social-mediaOne of the biggest problems most seem to face in social media is how to really grab the attention of their audience. For many this has being proved to be elusive and it always seems to be the most difficult thing to do. And we have not even started discussing about how to hold that attention when you finally manage to grab it for the first time.

It is actually all much simpler than most people imagine.

To start with, it would be of great help if you understood the basics of human nature. What drives people? What grabs their attention? Why?

You also need to check your behavior in social media and compare it to similar situations out there in the real world. For instance, what do you think would happen if you went to a party and just talked about yourself all night? You would bore people very quickly and in no time at all they would start avoiding you. The same holds true for social media.

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3 Ways Twitter Can Actually Benefit Your Small Business

twitter-small-businessWith more than 500 million registered users, Twitter is changing the way we communicate – and the way we do business. It makes sharing news, opinions and ideas infinitely easier, allowing users to update from virtually anywhere in the world in real time. But while most business owners have heard of Twitter and the power it holds (heck, who hasn’t?) many struggle with how to make it valuable to their own business model.

The truth is, Twitter can have different benefits for every business. Depending on what industry you’re in, what products and services you offer and what your customer base is like, the uses and advantages of Twitter as a business tool could vary greatly. There are three benefits, however, that stand true no matter what line of work you’re in.

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Throwback Thursday: Top 4 Engaging Content Marketing Strategies

throwback-thursday‘Content Marketing’ has become a huge buzzword in the SEO and social media world as of late, and many businesses are starting to invest in content specialists to regularly create and distribute interesting and engaging content to their online audience, whether it is through their website or through social media. By offering content with value to your audience, you can build up your online community and create a network of individuals who are strongly connected with your business. To learn more about content marketing and how it can help your online marketing strategy, be sure to check out our Throwback Thursday blog post, ‘Top 4 Engaging Content Marketing Strategies!’

At BizBrag, users are able to efficiently manage their content marketing strategies by creating powerful, SEO-friendly webpages called Braggits. Braggits can be used to create lists, share videos, offer tips, promote sales, and much more. By creating this engaging content and sharing with your online community, you can boost your customers confidence in your business and create lasting, meaningful relationships that are the key to a successful and long-lasting business!

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