The BragForce: How to Utilize Our Social Network to Grow Your Social Reach

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As a member of BizBrag, you have access to one of the most unique social networking opportunities on the web: the BragForce. The BragForce is BizBrag’s very own social network, and there is nothing else like it on any other social media management platform. Utilizing the BragForce can help you grow your social reach exponentially, while also helping you to find interesting, relevant content that you can share with your customers.

When you use your BragForce, you can connect with other businesses in your area, or complimentary businesses in your industry. The best connections to make in the BragForce are other businesses of similar size to yours, whose social connections are potential customers of yours. After you create your Braggits, you can then share them with the businesses in your BragForce, who can then post them to their social networks. This opens up your content to hundreds of potential new customers, who will then become familiar with your business, and can like your Facebook page, follow your Twitter account, and so on. Also, because they are finding your business from another company that they already know and trust, they will have a positive outlook on your business from the beginning. Read more of this post


The BragForce is Your Social Marketing Network

See the original article on BizBrag

Hopefully before reading this page you’ve read about what a Braggit is. The BragForce is our very own social network that helps get your Braggits out to the widest possible audience in order for your business to reach new customers. Read more of this post

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